Wolf - Zap Dragon Illustration

Yay, the Artwork!

Zap Dragon is almost ready for the printer! I love when this moment comes in a book’s production. All the details start coming together and a finished product is within sight. All I’m waiting on right now is a finished cover. Once that’s done, I’ll order a proof and do one last copy edit after seeing a physical book.

Cat - Zap Dragon IllustrationAll of this means it’s time to share some illustrations from ZapDragon!  I know I’ve said it before, but seeing what an artist comes up with from my oft-vague descriptions is one of the coolest parts of the publishing process! I’m often blown away by the illustrator’s talent.

As I’ve said before, Zap Dragon is set in the same world as Discarded Dragons. So, I asked Esther Rohman if she would again illustrate for me. Her work has the perfect feel for these books. Despite lots of life business on her end and a shortened timeline on my end, she agreed. And I couldn’t be happier with her Wax Eater - Zap Dragon Illustrationwork. Esther really pulled through on this book! (The shorter timeline was due to my wanting this book out before GalaxyCon at the end of July. I can say with a fair amount of certainty now, as long as the printer’s not astronomically slow, that Zap Dragon will publish on July 25th!)

Here are some of my favorites from Esther’s recent work on Zap Dragon 🙂 

Thank you, Esther, for your amazing work!

And to readers, thank you for stopping by the blog and participating in my writing/publishing journey 🙂



P.S. I now have all the comments from my Alpha readers on HMII. Editing is happening. Everything about this book has taken longer than I expected, so I’m going to keep my timeline a bit vague, but my goal is to cut between 15-20% off the word count. Goal timeline…Maybe by GalaxyCon but I really hope for sooner.


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