All it takes - mushrooms

All It Takes

I never know what might spark a story idea. I posted this drawing by Megan with Little Druid Stories this last week because it caught my eye at SwanCon. That probably was because I’ve already found myself fascinated by the fungus and toadstools that grow in my backyard.

Growing up in Colorado, we’d see mushrooms from time to time but they didn’t grow a lot because it’s just not wet enough. Around here in South Carolina, they sprout out of the grass and trees and even the sides of some buildings.

And I find myself sitting on the back porch sometimes staring at them, running down the rabbit hole of what kind of creatures might live under such a glorious toadstool. Does it just use it to ward off the rain like the owl? Does it actually make its home under the dome, hiding in the light of day so us big-footed humans don’t notice it? Can the creature, whatever it is, help new toadstools grow when the old ones are knocked over?

That’s all it takes for an adventure to start in my head. Welcome to the life of a writer. 🙂



P.S. HM II is in the hands of Alpha readers as of today! And the personal edit for Zap Dragon will be finished within the week. Then it’ll get handed off to my amazing Beta readers. The illustrator has also started on the illustrations and I’m in the process of getting the cover artist/designer started as well. Exciting times! I’ll share as things progress.

13 thoughts on “All It Takes”

      1. Inspiration works differently for almost every writer I’ve met! I keep a small notebook for those inspiration moments I really want to remember but can’t fully write at the time inspiration hits 🙂

  1. Love this! It brings to mind a quote by Orson Scott Card: “Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any.” 😉

    1. That’s always a good question to ask! Most of the time I just avoid eating them of there’s any doubt.

      Now I’m wondering if the toadstool dweller can eat the toadstool too 🤔 hmm. Home and food.

  2. Thanks for my first chuckle for today. Soon off to the Gardens and maybe get to see a toadstool from a different prospective.

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