Mystery of the Golden Shells Illustration

Pre-orders Open!

This was supposed to post yesterday but something went wrong. So a day late, but here we go!

Obviously, pre-orders opened yesterday for Mystery of the Golden Shells! You can order here on the website.

Mystery of the Golden Shells IllustrationAnd as a fun way to whet your appetite for the mystery adventure, here are a few more illustrations because, well, they’re just fun 🙂

Also, if you’ve missed out on the flash fiction background stories that have been posting for Golden Shells, you can read the first four stories at the links below. There are six of these flash pieces, so the last two will post over the next couple of Thursdays.



  1. The Scribe and the Rug
  2. The Dresser and the Color
  3. The Shellfish and the Cook
  4. The Performer and the Faux Pas

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