Mystery of the Golden Shells Ship Illustration

Just Because It’s Exciting

Leopard - Mystery of the Golden ShellsI know I’ve said it before, but publishing isn’t a solitary thing. It can’t be, especially for me. You see, if I tried to illustrate an adventure book you’d end up getting stick figures and smiley faces.

And with so much of the writing process happening inside the writer’s head, it can be hard to shift away from the writing and into the publishing aspect. But I also find this part of the process incredibly exciting, especially as the illustrator starts to produce images for the book. There’s something incredibly amazing about seeing an artist create illustrations solely based on the story you’ve written.

I geek out every time.

Tankard and MandarinSo, this time around with Mystery of the Golden Shells, I’m working with the same artist who designed the covers for Quaking Soul and Discarded Dragons. Justin also illustrated Temple of Night and Wind, which is the second story in The AdventureNeedless to say, I’ve worked with him a lot over the last several years and I knew going in that his artwork is exactly what I wanted for Golden Shells. 

And as I see the book in its printed form, I can’t but be amazed at how beautifully the illustrations turned out.

So without further ado, here are a couple of illustrations from Mystery of the Golden Shells. I think they speak for themselves 🙂



P.S. Preorders will be available starting August 1st!

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