Never Enough Thanks

Last year I titled this post Never a Solo Project. I waxed on about how important editors are and how valuable it is to find an editor you enjoy working with and who understands your vision for a book.

None of that has changed. In fact, every time I work with an editor on a book, I come away valuing his or her work all the more. Unlike Discarded Dragons, Mystery of the Golden Shells has been a challenge to write. Although it’s only 10 endings instead of 12, it’s more complicated and required more careful planning. And despite all that planning and careful precision, the manuscript needed more polishing by the time it reached the editor.

Thankfully, my editor still shares in my vision and makes the process a lot less painful than it could be. (At least I feel like he shares my vision. If he doesn’t, he hides it well and saves my fragile emotions!)

So this is a thank you to Darren Thornberry for his magnificent work on Mystery of the Golden Shells. If you have an editor, thank them. They don’t receive enough recognition for all the hard work they do!



Darren ThornberryCheck out Darren’s website here – Darren Thornberry

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