Mystery of the Golden Shells Cover

Mystery of the Golden Shells Cover Reveal!

Look! Look! I have a cover for Mystery of the Golden Shells! Sorry, didn’t mean to shout. I’m just super excited to finally be sharing stuff about the book.

There’s a moment in book publication where you reach the summit and the rest feels like a downhill slope. That moment for me tends to be when I hold the first physical proof of a book in my hands. It’s then that I feel like I’ve overcome the biggest obstacles and I can see the actual publication happening.

Last week, I received that proof for Mystery of the Golden Shells! I can’t express how cool opening the package was, but I can start sharing with you book details. So for today, I get to share the cover. Unlike with Discarded Dragons, I had no idea going into this what I wanted for the cover, which was kind of a scary feeling. However, after seeing some of the illustrations, an idea started to form and Justin Allen, the designer and illustrator, pulled it all together beautifully. I rely heavily on his artistic talent and am never disappointed. Next time I’m stressing about it, I should remember that!

With every book, I try to share some illustrations and formatting details leading up to the date of publication, which is August 15th for Golden Shells. Illustrations because I usually can’t wait to share them and formatting because without the online community helping me figure out technical details, I never would have figured out formatting in the first place. This is my small way of paying it forward every time I learn something new.

Also on the fun side, I’ve written a set of short stories connected to Golden Shells. Since the book’s a mystery, a who-done-it of sorts, the short stories give you a peek into the suspects in Golden Shells. Those will start posting this coming Thursday. I hope to see you then. 🙂



P.S. Happy belated 4th of July to those in the United State 🙂

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