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Night Creature

So far, I’m absolutely loving the flash fiction style for these adventure stories. I have to be careful, because my tendency toward verbosity starts to creep in, but I’m making clear headway on Hidden Mythics II and still writing the adventures. I’ll call it a win.

Anyway, welcome back for  a new adventure! Let’s get started.

Night Creature

It’s always cold while standing watch but on this particular night the wind’s blowing snow sideways over the city wall and the tiny white pellets sting your face until you’re sure you have welts.

Two more hours, you tell yourself in an attempt to encourage your frozen mind that you’re going to be okay. You’re not convincing the internal voice that keeps saying you’re going to find frostbite on your cheeks, however.

Just as you’re wondering who could see anything in the swirling, blinding mess, a shape slides over the parapet to your right.

It’s only because of the figure’s motion that you see it. Against the shifting snow, the body creates a solid background when there wasn’t one before.

“Hey,” you shout, drawing your bow. “Stop right there.”

The figure freezes and you almost think you see fur blowing in the wind, and then it takes off running the other way.

“Darn it!” you release the tension on your bow and give chase, not wanting to hit a fellow guard by accident in the blizzard.

You reach the next guard without finding the figure.

“You’re away from your station,” Garner scolds.

“Someone slipped over the wall,” you say.

Garner mutters something dark under his breath and then instructs you to get back to your post, he’ll deal with it.

Your steps crunch in the snow as you return. Suddenly, the crunching stops and you look down. The stone beneath your feet is decidedly free of ice and snow. As you look around, you see the area spans about a three foot section before the ice starts up again.

You glance over the parapet again and find there’s a trail of frost free stone leading from the ground all the way up over the wall to where you stand. Turning to face inward to the keep, you follow the trail and peek down the inside of the wall.

Your muscles freeze as you find a set of large blue eyes staring up at you. The creature clings to the stone with gecko-like hands but it’s shivering, making the fur on its coat shudder. Beneath the coat, the creature looks like a salamander, except human sized.

You’ve heard of the creatures around the keep, not all of them are friendly, but you’ve never heard of a lizard this size.

“Co-co-cold,” it whimpers.

Do you…

Call for Garner?


Help the Creature off the Wall?

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  1. I feel since he is asking for help – – you help him out. Maybe I have a soft spot and want to be a helper instead of a hunter.

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