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Natural Halloween Decorations

I’ve never been a big decorator for Halloween. Of course, I’ve never been a big decorator period. I love Christmas lights. Especially the blue and white ones. There’s something special that happens in my brain when I see a room lit up with blue and white Christmas lights like I’m a child again and could gaze at the “pretties” all evening.

Anyway, my husband and I even struggle coming up with costumes for Halloween, so decorating’s just not a thing for us. Needless to say, when we moved to South Carolina and found out that they literally truck in kids to our subdivision, we were a little surprised. And people around here take the decorations seriously. There are a couple houses that start an entire month ahead of time and by the time the night rolls around, they’ve got everything from 30ft skeletons to spiders spanning their yards.

It’s almost enough to make me think about putting out a pumpkin or two. Almost. And then I paid closer attention as fall descended this year.

The other thing South Carolina seems to do on a grand scale is bugs…and arachnids. Now I’m not a fan of the eight legged crawlies, but they make some amazing webs around here. As fall set in, these Orchard orb spiders started showing up in-mass, building these webs that trail over the bushes, from the trees to the ground, and even from the edges of the house to the ground. The spiders themselves aren’t dangerous. Their venom’s too mild to hurt a human, so we leave them and let them eat the other crazy bugs around here.

With these little guy’s help, I’ve decided we’ve already decorated for Halloween, our decorations are just a little more realistic than some. Just watch out for the webs, they’re quite sticky.

How about you, are you a big decorator?



10 thoughts on “Natural Halloween Decorations”

  1. We are definitely not decorators of any kind beyond a Christmas tree. When I was growing up, though, a new family moved to the neighborhood and literally decorated (all out decorations) for every single holiday, including graduation. I admire the creativity and enthusiasm, but just thinking about it leaves me exhausted. It must be really nice to have the spiders take care of your decorations! And, while I’m nowhere near South Carolina, I’ll be sure to take extra care should I decide to touch a web. Haha, guess you never really know if it’s real or fake!

    1. I totally get the exhaustion thing!

      I also never thought I’d consider spiders my friends but between the webs and the other bugs they eat, I now have a cordial relationship with them…mostly.

  2. Halloween is huge where we live, so one of our favorite Fall activities is going around the neighborhood looking at the decorations. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to our house though, so all we do are jack-o-lanterns and fake spider web on the front fence. This year I bought chalk markers and had the kids draw spooky things on the front window, too.

    1. There are some really creative decorations in the neighborhood! My favorite is a group of skeletons around a fake fire roasting marshmallows. Although I also really like the chalk marker idea. 🙂

  3. What a clever way to decorate! We don’t usually decorate for Halloween either. We never get trick-or-treaters, but we buy a bag of chocolate every year anyway and just end up eating it all ourselves! 😛

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