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Stowaway – Get Carrots

Welcome back for the third post in the Stowaway adventure. Here are links to part one and two if you’d like to read them. Or here’s a quick recap:

You stowed away on a pirate ship but a storm forces you out of your hiding spot and into a barrel of potatoes. When the cook starts chopping up vegetables for a stew, you realize you’re going to be found so you act like you’re a member of the crew.

The cook seems suspicious but tells you to help him chop carrots. Readers voted to do as asked instead of insisting you’re needed topside.

Let’s see what happens next 🙂

Stowaway – Get Carrots

The crew shouts topside, but over the claps of thunder and the creaking of the ship as it rolls, it’s hard to understand them as you grab a handful of carrots and waddle your way to the galley counter. The cook watches until you get there and securely place the vegetables into a bowl that’s weighted in the bottom by a couple of heavy rocks.

“Can’t have y’ throwing carrots too,” he mutters as he retrieves a few potatoes out of the barrel and replaces the lid you pitched on the floor.

A chill races down your spine. Was he talking about the “rat” or did he know you’d thrown a potato?

You act like you didn’t hear and start peeling carrots with a small paring knife.

The cook picks up his chef’s knife and goes back to his own chopping, his motions making a steady thunk, thunk, thunk against the wooden counter.

“Capt’n, he’s a smart chap,” continues the cook. “Asks every person a question when he’s finding new crew. I’s told him for my answer that a ship’s me family. Who cares beyond that? What’d you say?”

A knot forms in your throat. Although you know the captain brought on new crew at the last port, you weren’t close enough to hear him speak to everyone. What kind of question would a pirate captain ask his crew?

Thunk, thunk, thunk continues behind you.

A quick glance at the cook shows he’s eyeing you from where he’s wedged himself against the wall and counter. Quick slices of potato appear while he works. He slides the slices into a heavy pot with the back of his knife and moves on to the next potato as he waits.

Make up an Answer?


Admit who you are?

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11 thoughts on “Stowaway – Get Carrots”

  1. Yah, I’m pretty sure he knows what we are. But he is also chatting with us, so I say go with honesty. Here’s to hoping!!! He seems to know his business with that knife!

  2. Wow, I can’t imagine how scary it must be to have to cut and cook during a storm. I’d have lost a finger for sure! We’ve survived so far with our quick wits, so, even though I’d opt for honesty, I’m kind of scared of this cook, so making up an answer might buy us some more time, I hope. Haha, fingers crossed!

    1. It’s definitely tricky cooking while in a moving vessel! The stoves on new boats have what they call gimbals so the stovetop stays horizontal…mostly. It’s pretty cool but still tricky 🙂

      As for your vote, hopefully your quick wits serve you well!

      1. How fascinating! I always wondered how people cooked while out at sea. It sounds like it would be an interesting experience, but at least someone thought to try to make it a bit easier.

  3. I have a feeling the cook is on to us… but he also doesn’t seem eager to rat us out to the captain. I think we should tell him the truth. Hopefully he’ll appreciate the honesty and help us out!

  4. Admit it he already knows you are a stow-a-way. If he saw the spud and you lie it may not go well for you. Take a step of faith.

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