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Stowaway – Act as Crew

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Welcome back for the second post in the Stowaway adventure. If you’re interested in reading part one, you can find it here.

Or here’s a quick recap: You stowed away on a pirate ship to reach a city where you can get work. A storm, however, forces you out of your hiding spot and into a barrel of potatoes. Now the cook’s chopping up vegetables for a stew and you’re going to be found. Readers voted to act like a new member of the crew.

Let’s see what happens.

Stowaway – Act as Crew

You cradle a small potato in your hands and take a deep breath before bursting out of the barrel.

The cook spins at the sound of the lid clattering against the floor.

“Rat!” you shout, jumping out of the barrel and racing for the companionway with the small potato clutched close like you’re fighting to keep a small rodent from escaping.

For such a large man, the cook moves faster than expected. He shifts in your way and you jump, throwing the potato so it smacks against the wall and disappears in amongst the swinging hammocks.

“I lost it!” you say, trying to race after the “rat.”

A large hand grasps your shoulder. “You shirking y’r duties?”

“Um, no,” you say. “Saw a rat when I came lookin’ below for water to take topside. Crew’ll be thirsty fightin’ this storm.”

He eyes you for an uncomfortable moment, taking in your cut off trousers and bare feet, then your tattered shirt and disheveled hair. Living on the streets looking for work has left you less than presentable, but then, few of the pirates look much better.

He grunts, a suspicious look in his eye. “Wesley’s got the water fer the crew, as is his job. Capt’n promised me a galley hand. Guess he forgot to mention he found one. Go grab some carrots.”

Do you…

Get the Carrots?


Insist you’re needed topside?

Thanks for stopping by this week! Leave your vote in the comments below and next Thursday we’ll return to continue the adventure.



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  1. Fast thinking! I’d much rather not go out into a storm, so I’ll have to vote for carrots, and then keep very quiet to not make the cook even more suspicious.

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