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Welcome to a brand new adventure story!

Two weeks ago we finished the Jockey Trouble Adventure. If you’re interested, you can read it here.

Otherwise, let’s jump in and see how the seas are treating us =)


The wooden ship creaks as the heightening waves rock it fore and aft. Panic threatens your stomach as the men, old crew and new alike, shout to be heard over the thundering ocean. It’s going to be a mighty storm and your hiding place under the cabin sole in the bilge might flood in the next few hours.

It’s only supposed to be a day’s journey to Albina, where you hope to find work, but with the storm, your time on the pirate’s ship could be a lot longer. Already your clothes are soaked with sea water that sloshes in the bottom of the ship, so you’ll have to be careful not to leave a trail when you move, but you have to move and soon. And somehow find a spot the pirates won’t find.

They’re unlikely to cook during the storm, you figure, so you decide to aim for the partially empty barrel of potatoes strapped to the wall of the galley. You press the cabin sole upward and peek out. There’s no movement below deck except from the erratic swinging of hammocks. Slipping out into the open, you stumble when the ship heaves and there’s a crack of thunder. You catch yourself on a water barrel and it tilts under your weight. It happens that it wasn’t sealed properly and water splashes out from under the lid, leaving large splotches of water everywhere from your clothing and the barrel.

Guess that works.

You scurry over to the galley. A few tugs at the potato barrel lid—which was sealed properly—and it opens. You climb inside just as voices approach through the companionway.

“Who slopped water everywhere?”

You shrink, hoping the spilled water is enough to hide your trail.

“It’s coming down in sheets,” says another voice. “It’d be easier to ask who didn’t slope water.”

Pressing an eye to the lose slats of the barrel, you spy two men, one lean and angry looking—the captain—and one large enough that he barely fits in the narrow companionway.

The captain growls, and then says, “It’s no time to be in the galley.”

You happen to agree but the large man shakes his head. “I can’t help topside and the men’ll be starving after fightin’ this gale. I’ll just have a nice stew ready to cook when they’s done.” He raises his hands as the captain opens his mouth to protest further. “Now, now. I knows, no fire ‘till we’re steady, but I’s handy with a knife and can do the chopping.”

The captain growls again and stalks away, expertly navigating the rolling ship.

Stew?! Now?!

The cook’ll be coming for potatoes soon. His back’s turned but sneaking out of the barrel’s a huge risk. Maybe you can slide out and tuck yourself behind it and the carrot barrel.

The mountainous cook shuffles around, whistling. The only other option you can think of is acting like one of the new crew. It’s dicey too but there’s a small chance that the cook hasn’t met everyone on the ship yet.

Do you…

Sneak Out?


Act like Crew?

Thanks for stopping by this week. Leave your vote in the comments below and next Thursday we’ll return to continue the adventure.



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16 thoughts on “Stowaway”

  1. Ugh, sea sick! Haha, storms are the worst.

    It seems we have some idea what it’s like to be on a ship. Of course, a pirate ship is probably a lot more dangerous than a regular ship, but trying to blend in here could be good practice for jumping into a new place. I’m going to vote for pretending to be part of the crew.

  2. I can tell your time on a boat has helped you write about one!! This is fun 😄
    I say we try to be one of the crew.

    1. It’s hard not to overwhelm the story with all the stuff I learned! It’s one of the hard parts about doing research, only a small portion makes it into the writing 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the adventure so far!

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