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Debuting Discarded Dragons at Power Comicon

I told readers that I’d start a new pirate adventure today. I’m sorry 😞. I should have looked at my “masterplan,” also known as my schedule, before I said that.

I promise, next week will start the stowaway pirate adventure.

This week, I’m going to have a geek out moment that involves comic conventions and Discarded Dragons. 

ZAP Hanging Banner
Behind the table hanging banner

As many of you  know, I’d never done a convention before this year. I’d had a lot of people mention them, but the closest one I knew of when we lived in Washington state was in Seattle, which was about 4-5 hours away. Now that we’re in South Carolina, I can practically throw a book and hit a convention, or a fair, or a craft show, or… There are so many events to choose from that it’s crazy and crazy cool.

Anyway, earlier in the year I attended a couple conventions and one of the best of them for me was Power Comicon in Florence, SC. What I didn’t realize at the time was that this is the first year they’ve run two conventions and their September date is the bigger event.

Other artists let me know that it’s worth checking out. So of course I had to sign up to attend again. Not only is the September date better known, but Discarded Dragons published this month. It’s perfect timing. So I get to debut the new adventure book at a venue I already like.

I’m also learning small presentation things. As a writer, I want the books to shine, to be what draws people to my table. However, comic conventions are very art heavy. People love looking at the artwork and because of this, their eyes are up, not looking at the tables but at the dozens of pieces of artwork hanging behind many artist’s setups. (Myself included. I loved wandering the artist tables!)

Zap - Zeiger Adventure publishing
Zeiger Adventure Publishing Table Banner

After finding this out, my husband and I started brainstorming. We came up with a couple banner ideas to help draw people’s eyes. The banners came in late last week. EEEK! Check ’em out! Esther’s artwork for Discarded Dragons worked beautifully to help highlight the books!

Anyway, thanks for “listening” to my ramblings. If you’ve never attended a convention and you enjoy any sort of comic culture, you might check one out. I’ve seen everything from Star Wars, to Disney Princesses, to Bat Man, to David Bowie and that’s just mentioning the costumes, not the artwork.



Power Comicon

Show Date: September 25, 2021

Location: Florence Center 3300 W Radio Dr. Florence, SC 29501

8 thoughts on “Debuting Discarded Dragons at Power Comicon”

  1. Sounds so scary and so exciting! I’ve never been to a convention since just author readings give me enough anxiety even if there are only a few people. I can’t imagine how freaked out I’d feel among so many people. But I have friends who love Comic Con and rave about it every year, so maybe I’ll go one day! They do sound like fantastic ways to find new things, and I’m always on the hunt for new books. Power Comicon sounds like fun and your banners look amazing, so I hope you get a ton of traffic!

    1. Thanks, Kat 🙂 Comic Con’s the convention I’ve always heard about. It’s well known! A friend of mine met Nathan Fillion at one in Colorado. So far conventions have been a fun experience but admittedly I’ve not attended one as big as Comic Con. Someday maybe 🙂

  2. Conventions ARE fun! I’ve never been to a comic book convention, but I’ve been to a Christian book seller’s convention, and that was great fun. I got to meet authors (some well-known, others just unknowns like me), musical artists (concerts every night) and even a couple of actors. Mel Gibson showed up to give us a preview of his new movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” which tells you how long ago it was. Obviously, it made a lasting impression. 😏

    1. That’s awesome! So far I haven’t been familiar with the other artists who have attended but it’s been really cool to meet other authors. Kevin Sorbo might be at a convention next spring but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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