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On a More Personal Note

When I started blogging, I found I really enjoyed interacting with other bloggers. Unlike social media sites, complete strangers seemed to care what kinds of comments they were leaving. Their comments were aimed at starting conversations or connecting with a post and I loved that I could be talking with someone on the opposite side of the world and yet still be connecting over something as simple as how to make tea.

Partner that with my love of writing, and the idea came along to write multi-ending adventure stories that readers were encouraged to chime in on. This avoided the “click away” that would happen on longer stories posted on blogs (It’s hard to jump in the middle of someone’s novel that they’re sharing if you aren’t familiar with their writing to begin with) and still gave me the extra push to write consistently.

So for years I’ve mostly focused on adventure stories and I have a dedicated group of people who participate, which I love. But I’ve noticed something as I’ve been posting other things with the publication of Discarded Dragons. The comments I get on the adventure stories are fun, but not as personal. I miss the interaction from posts and comments that are more personal.

All this to say, I’ll still be writing adventures for my Thursday posts, but I’m going to aim for simple posts for Tuesdays. Something that shows a bit more of the me behind the writing. I’ve tossed around several ideas on what to name these posts but haven’t settled on anything yet. They’ll probably focus on life in general, on all the little things that inspire my writing to begin with. That’s It! That’s the title. All the Little Things.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to “talking” with you. Feel free to chime in here or on the adventures that post each Thursday. I love to hear from you.



(My newest multi-ending adventure book just published on the 1st. You can check it out here on the site or on Amazon.)

12 thoughts on “On a More Personal Note”

  1. I’ve found, over the past couple of years, that an interesting side effect of being a reviewer of indie books is being able to get to know authors through their books. As I’ve gotten to know more and more, I’ve discovered who they are and what they write and how they write match up fairly well. That said, it really is difficult to truly know a person unless they themselves reveal little bits, so I’ll be looking forward to chatting with you and getting to know you on a bit more of a personal level.

  2. Love the idea of sharing more of yourself on your blog! That’s part of the fun of being an author in the age of the Internet. 😉 Can’t wait to see what you share going forward! 😊

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