Blain – Discarded Dragons Excerpt

Discarded Dragons Front CoverI had a difficult time choosing this excerpt! Because this is an adventure book, you actually get to meet Blain a couple different ways depending on which path you take through the book and all of the ways you encounter Blain are fun, but here’s one of the encounters. Hope you enjoy =)

Publication Date: September 1, 2021

Genre: Fantasy Adventure (Multi-ending)

Lead In: You’re a steampunk dragon but you were thrown away in the Maker’s shop for various defects. At night, you’ve been sneaking out to find parts and you’ve finally found the perfect wings.

Blain – Discarded Dragons Excerpt

You spread your glorious wings and, for the first time in your life, take a running leap and fly. Your wings catch the air in an exhilarating flash of smooth movement and wind.

The Siren whoops softly and shares a grin with you but her expression falls when you pass the bench and wing for the gray dawn light showing through the skylight above.

A thrill fills your chest. You’re airborne! The gentle swish of dusty air moving past you feels like a caress, welcoming you to the sky.

There’s a rattling, clanking thud from below and a cry of indignation from the slender Siren. You hear the beat of much bigger wings and look down in alarm.

But instead of a Perfect dropping off a shelf to attack, there’s a large gray beast emerging from the discard heap. He bears a dent down his left side and gaps between his claws. But his wings, which are made from solid pieces of metal instead of folding plates, eat up the distance between you.

The Siren throws a cracked gem at the beast. It pings off his side but doesn’t seem to register on the excited grin on his face. He swoops past you, stalls purposefully just below the skylight, and then spins into a dive that gusts air against your wings with his passing.

You ride the gust, using it to reach higher, and peak in flight just like he did, staring at the fire of dawn through the skylight for the brief moment you stall just before diving.

He chuckles as you soar past the bench together and land near the discard heap.

“I a’ Blain,” the other Discard introduces himself, distorting “am” slightly due to the dent in the left side of his face. “That was the best night ever! Can we do it again?”


That’s it for today. Publication is almost here and you’ll get to explore all of Discarded Dragons soon! If you’d like a signed copy of Discarded Dragons, hope over to the pre-order page and get a copy before September 1st =)



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