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It’s That Time!!

I like to dream. But I’m somewhat terrible at planning the steps between dreaming and making something a reality. Knowing this, my husband and I regularly sit down together and he helps me plan out each writing year.

When we started this year, I’d never gone to a convention before. I’d also never taken an adventure book from its origins on the blog and published it in 8-9 months. But at this year’s planning session, I realized the largest convention I was planning to attend – XCON in Myrtle Beach – was happening in September, and it’d be the perfect time to launch the adventure I wanted to publish, Discarded Dragons. (The convention has now been moved to May 2022, but that’s beside the point.)

So we wrote out all the things that needed to happen – the writing, the editing, the beta editing, the professional editing, the design work, the illustrations, the formatting, the…gasp, you get the idea – and planned out a tentative schedule. It terrified me. The schedule was ambitious and I didn’t want to publish a substandard book because I was rushing. So my husband suggested I aim for the ambitious schedule and worst case, we’d fail to meet the deadline and we’d publish by Christmas instead. I love how his brain works.

Anyway, if you’ve been following these posts, you know the ambitious schedule became a reality. I’ve never had a book come together so smoothly! (A huge thank you to everyone who helped!)

So, as it’s August and Discarded Dragons publishes September 1st, it’s time for pre-orders! Unlike with Quaking Soul, pre-orders will only be available here on my website. However, if you do pre-order, you get a signed copy of the book =)

Hop over to the product page and check it out. And, if you know anyone who would like being a dragon for a while, please share the page.




15 thoughts on “It’s That Time!!”

  1. That’s so fantastic everything went so smoothly! These days, bumps in the road seem like the norm, but I’m really happy we’ll be able to get a dragon into our hands soon. I’ll be sure to order a copy soon!

    1. Bumps in the road definitely seem like the
      norm anymore! And Discarded Dragons did have some unexpected things crop up but I find if I expect to have such bumps they’re smaller than if I hope to have none. If that makes any sense πŸ™‚

      I’m excited for you to read the book! And hope your son enjoys it as much as he did The Adventure πŸ™‚

      1. Completely makes sense! It’s easier to plan for potential problems and make breathing space, and expecting problems makes them seem more manageable.

        I hope my son enjoys it, too! We’ve been having a hard time finding books for him lately, but he does still love making choices. If not him, his sister will definitely enjoy it! She can’t read yet, but is almost as big a bookworm as I am.

  2. Just preordered my copy! Congrats, Jennifer! 😊

    By the way, my next newsletter goes out on September 6, and I’d love to include your book, if it’s all right! No need to reciprocate like last time; just let me know what link(s) you prefer I use. Thanks! πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you so much for ordering, Naomi! Knowing your love of dragons, I think Discarded Dragons will be a lot of fun for you.

      And, wow, thank you for the newsletter mention. The Amazon link won’t be live until September, so I’ll pass that along later, but here’s the link for the book here on the website. (https://jenniferzeiger.com/product/discarded-dragons-paperback/)

      I know reciprocating isn’t necessary, but I’d still love to give you a shout out the next time you publish. That’s one of the things about the online author community that I love! How supportive we are of each other. Just let me know whenever you’d like a mention πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks so much, Jennifer! It’ll still be a long time before I publish The Last Water Dragon, but I’ll definitely let you know! Happy to be a part of this supportive community! 😊

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