Attack – Discarded Dragons Excerpt

It’s difficult to pick excerpts when the book isn’t linear! Discarded Dragons has 12 different endings, so no matter what excerpt I pick, it won’t totally give you a glimpse into the whole book. Oh well, I tried to pick a fun peek =) Hope you enjoy.

Discarded Dragons Front CoverPublication Date: September 1, 2021

Genre: Fantasy Adventure (Multi-ending)

Lead In: You and your friend, Blain, are steampunk dragons who have been thrown away by your Maker for some reason or another. Most of the time, you hide in the giant discard heap that sits on the workshop floor, but you’ve recently started to sneak out to find parts to fill in the ones you’re missing. Not everyone is happy about this and so the Perfect dragons in the shop are making your life difficult – but they may not be the only danger you need to worry about.

Attack – Discarded Dragons Excerpt

“No, ’Arcus!”

You look back at Blain’s distorted shout in time to see a Perfect amber dragon swoop toward you. He snatches you out of the air with his long claws.

Those claws circle around your neck and he roars in triumph. He climbs, each powerful flap of his magnificent amber wings pulling at your neck and carrying you past dozens of airborne dragons.

Below, you hear a ruckus and figure Blain’s trying to reach you, but there’s no way he’ll get through so many.

You’re near the ceiling when a different noise, a sharp splintering of wood, makes the amber male, Marcus, pause in flight. You both look up.

The skylight—glass, frame, and hinges—is gone, torn away in a single piece. In its place glow the deep orange eyes of an automaton wolf whose shoulders barely fit through the narrow window frame. Black teeth glisten when the wolf grins down at the dragons in the shop.

“I’ll enjoy a feast tonight,” he growls and leaps for the closest dragons—Marcus and you.


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