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Blessed by Amazing Artists

I am continually blessed by the amazing people I get to work with as I’m putting together another book. I’ve mentioned Justin’s gorgeous work on the cover and Darren’s invaluable help with editing.

Dragon Wings - Discarded DragonsNow I get to give you a tease of the artwork inside the book. If you’re familiar with Quaking Soul, you’ve seen some of Esther’s work before because she did the chapter headings for me. This time around, she took on a much larger project and I love what she came up with.

I’ve found with each artist that if I give them a loose outline of what I want and let their imaginations fill in the blanks, the results turn out far better then if I insist on a specific image. Usually it’s totally different from what I have in my head and I love that the Gems - Discarded Dragonsartwork adds a depth I wouldn’t have been able to produce alone.

Plus, I love Esther’s style. It fit so perfectly with the steampunk dragon theme.

So without further ado, here are a few of my favorites…well, just a few because I couldn’t pick a favorite.

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(Discarded Dragons publishes September 1st, but preorders will be open here on my website hopefully by August 15th. I’ll let you know as soon as I know if the books will arrive in time. =))

8 thoughts on “Blessed by Amazing Artists”

  1. Gorgeous artwork! It’s so wonderful you were able to find some artists to work with who could create such beautiful pieces and they go so perfectly with your words.

    1. I am truly blessed by those I get to work with. Plus, this is one of the things I love about self-publishing. Esther and I both get to learn together and she gets a chance to see if she enjoys illustrating books.

  2. What a blessing indeed. Helping a young artist develop her skills and giving her a opportunity to stretch into what the future may very well hold.

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