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What Do You Put On That Back Cover?!

In the past, I’ve found the cover blurb for my books to be one of the hardest things to write. My brain always wants to cover sooo much, share sooo much, and there’s just not enough space to work with!

Many would argue the practice in being concise is good for me. I would—grudgingly—agree.

When it came to Discarded Dragons things were different somehow. There was a spot in the text that simply worked for the cover text. It’s a little shortened for the cover, but not by much, yet it still gives enough, in my opinion, to draw a reader in.

You can make your own opinion. Check it out:

Discarded Dragons Back CoverNot all dragons are created equal, as you well know. Some have wings intricately designed so their metal plates fold smoothly against their ribs. Others boast jeweled eyes that sparkle in the night. And still others possess needle-sharp claws that help them perch on the edges of shelves like birds of prey. All these dragons are useful, beautiful, and graceful.

You are not one of these, however. You hide in a pile of discarded metal parts on the floor and watch the others through a single, murky glass eye. The Maker tossed you aside when he found your thin wings were too weak to carry your body. Months have passed since that day and other discarded bits press down upon your frame, sharing their rust with you right along with their weight.

The Maker’s current project holds a lot of hope for you, though. She’s small, like you, and many of the parts not deemed worthy of her perfect shape might fit you. One in particular caught your eye while the Maker worked today.

As night sets, you see your chance to sneak out and complete your design, to be a finished creation, but choose wisely, Dear Dragon, for success or failure depends on your next move.


Thanks for stopping by! We’ll return with more on the creation of Discarded Dragons next week =)



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