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Time to Catch Up

As you all know, I posted lots of updates while I was working on Quaking Soul. I love to share the writing journey with everyone because, despite the stereotype that writers are solitary people, publishing isn’t and I like to include everyone along the way.

Yet somehow, I haven’t posted updates about my current publishing project—erm—I honestly can’t say why besides the fact that it’s come together amazingly smoothly and I didn’t anticipate it. (Quaking Soul spanned a couple years. This book’s come together in less than one.)

So it’s time for some catch up. It was my hope even before The Adventure was published that the adventures posted on the blog could be turned into a series of books. This desire’s been strengthened by readers asking when the next adventure will be available. For this reason, I try to keep an eye out for what readers seem to really like and one in particular stood out. It was an adventure where the reader got to be a steampunk dragon trying to finish his or her design.

Even as the writer of these adventures, there are few that stick in my memory long after they’re posted. For some reason this one did and when I’d mention it, others remembered it as well. All good indicators that this should be my next book project.

So let me introduce you to Discarded Dragons.

I’m beyond excited to announce that, if everything finishes smoothly, this next adventure book will be available in September. Over the upcoming weeks, I’ll be sharing more details. If you know me, you’re aware these posts will include everything from the more technical – formatting crazy and such for those interested in self-publishing stuff – to the just plain fun such as the cover reveal and story excerpts for the readers out there.

Stay tuned and thanks for joining me in the adventure of writing and publishing. =)



14 thoughts on “Time to Catch Up”

    1. Thank you 😊 Exciting is right! When I started self-publishing a few years ago, I never would have guessed how many amazing people I would get to meet and work with along the way.

  1. That’s so exciting! My son is getting more into sci-fi than fantasy these days, but he still seems to enjoy choose your own adventure stories, so it’ll be perfect timing for when he goes back to school and will have reading logs and reports to do. I can’t wait to read more about your publishing journey for Discarded Dragons, and I hope it all goes smoothly!

    1. It’s encouraging to hear your son still enjoys reading! I’m continually surprised by how many parents will walk by when I’m doing a signing and tell me their kids don’t read. I’m excited to share about Discarded Dragons 🙂

      1. That surprises me, too! Even if my kids weren’t into reading, I’d still be buying them every book I thought they might be interested in one day.

    1. Can’t wait to share 🙂! And I’m glad to hear from your recent Dispatch that work on your own writing is coming along nicely. I completely understand how editing and the business side of stuff can drag you down. Sometimes it feels like we have to get everything done now and it drains the joy out of our writing passion. Taking a step back to breathe is good 🙂

      1. Thanks! Sometimes I wish I could just write the book and then the rest would take care of itself. 😂 Glad you’ve been making good progress on your writing too! 🙂

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