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Raining Frogs 2 – Stall for the Frogs

Welcome to the last post in the Raining Frogs Adventure!

If you missed the first three posts, you can read them – Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3– or here’s a quick recap:

You headed to the bank to deposit the money needed to buy a parcel of land outside of town and on your way it literally started to rain frogs. You’re in such a good mood, you shrug this off until four bank robbers wearing bulky clothing come into the bank. Oddly enough, the frogs that followed them in seem to be trying to chase them. You would have left well enough alone, except one robber took your money off the counter to add to their haul. You decided to fight the robbers using the frogs.

Fighting initially worked really well. The first robber blistered up where the frog hit him and then disappeared altogether. However, since there were four robbers and only one of you, they overwhelmed you and threw a potato sack over your head, commenting that you’d make a great addition to the offering. Readers voted to make the robbers lives difficult instead of remaining quiet.

Frog - Adventure StoryYou managed to eliminate two more of the robbers by hitting them with frogs, but this angered the last robber to the point that he started to kick you while you were on the ground. Trying to escape him, you rolled over onto one of the other robbers shotguns but when you raised it, you found yourself looking down the barrel of the last robber’s gun. While this registers, you also realize the frogs are creating a tower behind him like they’re trying to reach his head. Instead of shooting, then, you decided to stall and see what happens with the frogs.

Good luck!

Raining Frogs 2 – Stall for the Frogs

You’re not sure the shotgun will do anything to the last robber other than anger him further. However, you do know the frogs turn these creatures-he looks remarkably like a ghoul-into piles of dirt.

You grin at the robber. His eyes narrow and he sneers.

“You’re not fast enough,” he mocks, indicating the shotgun in your hands.

He’s probably right, but you only say, “Perhaps,” with a shrug and continue to smile like you know something he doesn’t.

He backs away a step.

“Hold right there,” you say. Somehow you sound more confident than you feel but the confidence must sound convincing because he stops moving.

You hold a relieved sigh. He almost knocked over the fast-growing tower of frogs behind him. While the ghoul-like robber sneers again, another frog jumps on the tower. It sways precariously, almost touching his back, before the new frog settles on the top and braces for another frog to join the tower.

Seeing your distraction, the robber starts to turn.

You kick several frogs at him and he recoils.


The shotgun in his hand rocks back, almost hitting his face.

You flinch. The shot whistles past your head and chunks of brick fly off the corner of the bank where the shot slams into it.

Spooked, the ghoul spins to run…and comes face to face with a tower of frogs.

You could swear the frogs grin in glee. They jump for the gap in his hood, hitting his face and working their way beneath the fabric.

He shrieks like his companions and disappears in a flood of frogs. All you can do is watch, horrified and fascinated, until the last robber’s gone in a mound of dirt.

Suddenly the air’s deafening with the ribbiting of all the frogs and then, poof, they disappear too. Sunlight hits the street like it’s Money - Adventure Storysmiling on a perfect, uninterrupted summer day.

Except there are bags of money laying on the street.

Shaking off your shock, you gather it all, making several trips, to return it to the bank.

“So what happened?” The sheriff asks later.

You tell him. Straight truth.

He scowls and moves on to the tellers.

Their stories aren’t any more convincing, so you come up with a story about four robbers that ran away and he sketches out wanted posters for four very ugly fugitives.

Every time you see those posters you giggle in hysteria. There’s just something crazy funny about it.

You become known as the crazy person who owns the land just outside of town, but just like the town drunk, the people accept you as part of their own and you continue to giggle every time you see a wanted poster.

Perhaps it was all the frog slime that scrabbled your brain. You don’t know and don’t really care. Life’s just more fun this way.

The End

Thank you for joining in this month’s adventure =) I’m always fascinated when I re-run an adventure and it goes the exact same way it did the first time. There must be something in the wording of the decisions to encourage readers down the same path.

Again, thanks for joining in!



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  1. Wow, what a wild adventure! I’d really like to know the story behind those frogs and robbers, but I guess it’s just one for the books. Looking forward to the next adventure! 🙂

  2. Glad things turned out well for us! Really curious about those frogs now. There must be an interesting story behind them. But at least we got our land!

  3. And just like that, in the twinkling of an eye things change. Be ready and be prepared for the time is nearer than you think.

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