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Raining Frogs 2 – Make Life Difficult

Welcome back to the adventure =) Last week was a close vote!

If you missed the last two posts in this adventure, you can read them – Part 1 and Part 2 – or here’s a quick recap:

You headed to the bank to deposit the money needed to buy a parcel of land outside of town and on your way it literally started to rain frogs. You’re in such a good mood, you shrug this off until four bank robbers wearing bulky clothing come into the bank. Oddly enough, the frogs that followed them in seem to be trying to chase them. You would have left well enough alone, except one robber took your money off the counter to add to their haul. You decided to fight the robbers using the frogs.

Fighting initially worked really well. The first robber blistered up where the frog hit him and then disappeared altogether. However, since there were four robbers and only one of you, they overwhelmed you and threw a potato sack over your head, commenting that you’d make a great addition to the offering. Readers voted to make the robbers lives difficult instead of remaining quiet.

So let’s be ornery!

Raining Frogs 2 – Make Life Difficult

These creatures ruined your day. This perfect, lovely day of realized dreams. A vindictive part of you simply wants to ruin their day in return.

Frog - Adventure StoryAlthough your head’s covered with a potato sack, you have no trouble telling when you’ve left the bank. Frogs splat against your head and shoulders in an unceasing rain of amphibians. They fill the air with ribbits and croaks over the general, thick splatting sound their soft bodies make against the ground.

You wait until you’re away from the bank and out into the street before you let loose on your three remaining captors. With a shove of your hip, you push the right one far enough away that you can kick his legs. Luck’s with you. The kick connects solidly…although with the hood, you can’t say where.

You guess near his knee because he screams and crumples to the ground. He continues screaming in a gargle like show of agony.

You don’t question your luck when he doesn’t rise. Instead, you shift to attack the creature on your left.

Before you get the chance, he sweeps your legs from beneath you and you hit the ground with a thud that rattles teeth. The potato sack slides to the top of your head and you shake, making it fall away completely. You’re just in time to see the creature aim a kick. As his leg draws back, you snake your feet around the leg holding his weight and pull.

He falls and huffs when he hits. His hood falls off and within seconds, frogs cover him.

You stare, shocked, while steam hisses and frogs croak but when they clear away from him, there’s nothing left except the items he carried.

Money - Adventure StoryA quick glance confirms the other robber suffered a similar fate. The money sacks and shot gun he carried now sit in a pile of mounted up dirt. You can’t remember when he stopped screaming. It all happened in such a blur.

You meet the eyes of the last robber, and shudder. Inhuman fury turns his already ugly face to a mask of pure hate.

He shrieks and races at you.

You try to roll away but your hands are still bound and his first kick hits low on your spine. It hits like the kick of a mule. Then the butt of a shotgun barely misses your temple.

A part of you wonders whether to be thankful or frustrated that he doesn’t just shoot you, but then you loose any thought except trying to protect your body as more and more kicks connect. Something catches your back and pulls against your bound arms. There’s a snap and the pulling disappears but you find the the tension holding your arms is gone. You pull your hands up toward your face and curl into a tight ball as another kick rocks you onto your back.

Your pain-addled brain slowly registers that you rolled onto something hard. It’s a moment before you realize it’s a shotgun from one of the other robbers.

You roll off it, snatch it up, and pull the trigger.

In your haste, you miss the attacker altogether and the wall of the general store gives a puff as the shot embeds itself in the wood.

When you look up, you freeze. The last creature holds a shotgun as well and he’s grinning at you as you stare down the barrel.

Time slows for a subjective minute. Frogs hop behind your last opponent like they’re encouraging you. Several land on top of each other and before long, you realize they’re stacking themselves behind him to reach his head. It’s the oddest thing you’ve ever seen.

Can you shoot faster than he can, you wonder? Will the buckshot even hurt him? Can you stall long enough for the frogs to reach his head instead?

Do you…

Shoot him?


Stall for the frogs?

Feel free to join in by leaving your vote in the comments below. We’ll return next week to see how this adventure ends. In the mean time, thanks for joining the adventure and have a wonderful week!



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12 thoughts on “Raining Frogs 2 – Make Life Difficult”

  1. This story just keeps getting stranger! I say we stall for the frogs. They clearly have a plan, and I want to see how it plays out!

  2. I would like to see how the stacking frogs fare. Not too confident about the shooting skills, at this point. A fun adventure, for sure!!

  3. Well, first, ouch. Secondly, these frogs get weirder and weirder. I’m kind of curious to see what they’ll do, and I doubt my shooting skills, so I say stall for the frogs. They seem to have better luck against them than we do.

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