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A Case of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

In my schedule, it says Power Comicon post for today…

So much more has been happening than the Power Comicon, so here’s a quick recap of what’s happening in this writer’s life.


With covid, book signings have become more difficult. Many places simply aren’t doing them. So when someone mentioned trying out a convention, I started to consider it. It seemed like a safe thought to entertain for this introverted writer. I mean, the convention the game store owner mentioned wasn’t until September. Plenty of time to prepare my brain for it.

I feel like the last several months have been a case of the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book. I mentioned I was considering XCON and someone suggested Power Comicon. I mentioned I might be willing to do Power Comicon and another person says the Captian’s Comic Expo would be even better for an author.

Needless to say, I attended this year’s Captain’s Comic Expo – my first ever – a few weekends ago. Obviously none of my books are comic related, but the same crowd who likes comics seems to like Dungeons and Dragons or multi-ending stories as well. Who knew?! The convention went well and now I’m headed to Power Comicon this coming weekend. My introverted writer’s brain is still reeling, not quite believing I committed to these events.

Plus, September’s XCON, which is larger than the other two, is still on the table…But seeing as it’s in September, my brain can magically ignore that time is passing and bringing it ever closer.

Work in Progress

This is the first I’m really talking about this and I’m ecstatic to share. I’m currently working on a new multi-ending book titled Discarded Dragons. This is based off an adventure I posted here on the blog but it’s now expanded and has 12 endings. So far:

  • Outline is done
  • Rough draft is written
  • Personal edit is done
  • Manuscript is sent to readers…In progress
  • Artist is working on internal illustrations…In progress

The rough draft was so fun to write! Usually I have some endings I love and some endings I find a bit meh. In fully writing this adventure, I had none of those meh endings crop up. They seemed to fill themselves in, happy to be fully realized. I can’t wait for readers to find them.

That brings us to the end of this update =) Thanks for sharing in this writing adventure with me as I couldn’t do this without amazing people like you all! Next week will be the start of an adventure story.

Until then, blessings,


Stormtroopers hanging out
Guy Gilchrest from the Muppets
Vin Cosplay from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn
Cosplay – all the Disney Princesses hanging out

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  1. Hearing the words “Hang on”, not only are you writing a choose your own Adventure, but at the same time expanding your “tent stakes”. Cheering you on.

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