Quaking Soul Proof #1

Quaking Soul Update #7

The printed hardcover proof of Quaking Soul showed up this week! Let’s just say I acted like a kid in a candy shop and ran to the front stoop when I saw the package.

It turned out amazing! No worries, the cover reveal’s coming soon, but as the picture above shows, (sorry if the picture doesn’t show. The website updates are messing with things πŸ€”) there were some copy edits that needed fixing. I couldn’t bring myself to actually write on the book like I did with The Adventure, so those little sticky note arrows became my new best friends.

The updates on the text are finished as of today. I’m waiting for updates from the cover artist for a few minor edits on the cover text and then I’ll submit to IngramSpark, the printer, again.

What that means for Publication Time on Quaking Soul

As the first proof showed, it can take almost a month between print time and shipping to see anything from the printer. So, I pegged publication for November 30th, 2020. That allows for the second proof to show up and allows time to preorder stock for the book.

Now pardon me while I jump up and down with glee over the book again!!!



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  1. soooooo excited!! this book is being so well written and truly looking forward to our own copy soon. πŸ™‚

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