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Quaking Soul Update 6

Next GIANT step done!

Two nights ago I finally got the formatting done and uploaded Quaking Soul to the printer. (Fingers crossed that the formatting is actually correct!)

It can take a couple days before they have a digital proof to look at and then I’ll order a physical proof to make sure everything prints right.

The printer I use is IngramSpark. I both love them, because they allow the author a lot of control, and loath them, because their instructions for, well, anything, can be confusing and not very in depth.

Here are a couple tips in case you ever decide to tackle self-publishing using IngramSpark and you’re silly enough to start with a Word document. (Yup, that’s me).

  1. If your editor tracks comments or changes, carefully survey your manuscript for little ‘editing’ indicators left in your margins when you’re done. These will convert into the PDF as you can see on Quaking Soul below. Quaking Soul Update - Formatting
  2. If you have pictures or chapter headings, make sure not to anchor them to the text. (To be absolutely honest, I have no idea how I did this in Word. Half my headings were anchored and half not.) If they are anchored, when you convert to PDF, it will mess with your text spacing and possibly the boarders of your images. Quaking Soul Update - FormattingAs you can see above, the text has a hole right in the middle and the image should have a full border. Thankfully, I have a husband who knows how to troubleshoot stuff once I reach the end of my rope.

So that’s where we’re at for the moment =) I’ll share more fun stuff in the weeks ahead such as the cover – which I absolutely love – the cover blurb, and the internal images for the chapter headings. There might be a few teasers from inside the book too. Seeing all these things come together is one of my favorite parts of this process!

Until then, blessings,


12 thoughts on “Quaking Soul Update 6”

  1. Jen, I love you & Nate dearly. I love the enthusiasm you have even when a problem pops up. I pray for you & Nate as I give thanks for the good things in life. Stay safe dear ones.

  2. So exciting to see your progress on your book, Jennifer! If you’re having trouble with IngramSpark, I’ve heard good things about Draft2Digital. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I know other authors say it’s super easy to use. Best of luck with the formatting! 🙂

  3. Wow, I’m kind of glad I’ve given up self-publishing for now. It sounds more and more complex every day. I’m so excited for your novel! If there’s anything I can do to help with promotion, I’ll more than gladly lend you my blog.

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