I love the journey of self-publishing. The road’s challenging, rewarding, frustrating, and always a learning experience.

One thing I don’t totally love about it, however, is that it’s so dependent on my schedule. I know, I know, that sounds odd. I hear the comments now, “But you can make your own work schedule,” “You can take a day off if you need to,” “You can make sure things get done exactly the way you want.” All of these things are, for the most part, true.

However, what’s also true is, if I get pulled away for whatever reason-sickness, vacation, household emergencies-then the project completely stops. There’s no formatter working on things while I take a day or two or thirty away. There’s no marketer working in the background, promoting while I deal with other aspects of life.

Even with a sedative, the Writing Supervisor barely slowed down.

All of this is to say, I’ve unfortunately/fortunately been on a detour for the last month or so. My husband’s job moved us across the country in August. And when I say across the country, I mean over 3,000 miles of driving a moving truck with the Writing Supervisor, the Sidekick and the Bodyguard all in the cab of the truck with my husband and me. They were not thrilled.

We are now, finally, starting to feel settled again and my writerly brain is begging me to get back to Quaking Soul. We left off with me figuring out the formatting to submit it to the printer so I can order a physical proof copy.

As always, thanks for sticking around and joining with me in this journey. I am beyond blessed by you all.











We’re all exhausted, but settling in =)

12 thoughts on “Detours”

  1. Oh my, what a detour! Glad you had a safe trip and are getting settled in your new home! Looking forward to more updates on your book! πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, that’s quite a detour! Moving across the country is seriously an adventure, especially with unhappy furbabies, but glad to know you’re all settling in. Good luck getting back into Quaking Soul!

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