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Writing tends to be a solitary activity. At least, the idealistic picture of a writer has him hunched over his desk punching away at the keyboard all by himself. This has some truth to it insofar as the writer needs to get the story on paper. If he wants to go beyond that – to improve, to publish, to promote – the solitary picture dissolves.

Maybe that’s why in the blogging world, it’s common to share other’s blogs. To post about other blogs you’ve liked or found value in. I’m always surprised and blessed by those who share my stuff, but I realized I’ve been stingy with my own support.

With that in mind, there are two ladies I’d love to share with you today. These two have been reading my blog since the first year, I believe, that I started posting, and they’re wonderful writers in their own right.

Kat's The Lily Cafe The Lily Cafe – Kat’s a talented writer. Her blog isn’t just a place for writing, however. On top of the story she’s posting each week (at the moment it’s Queen of the Garden Girls, which is a spin on Beauty and the Beast), she also posts about baking, motherhood, book reviews, and every once in a while her husband throws in a topic too. It’s a fun mix that changes from time to time but at the heart of it is a sweet woman who tells things like she sees them.


Naomi Lastrucci's The Silver QueenNaomi Lastrucci – Naomi’s also a skilled writer and she loves dragons. (Girl after my own fantasy-loving heart!) This being said, she has two books out with dragon stories, The Silver Queen and Other Dragon Tales and Not All Dragons Breath Fire. She’s also currently working on her next book, The Lunar Dragon, which is a sequel to The Silver Queen. You can find more on Instagram where sometimes Naomi shares fun sneak peaks of her current work-in-progress.

Thanks for stopping by this week =) If you have a moment, give these two ladies a hello and check out their writing!




7 thoughts on “Shout Out!”

  1. Jennifer, you’re the sweetest! Thank you so much! Gosh, that first year feels so long ago. I actually remember being a bit nervous about participating in your adventures. I’ll absolutely be checking out Naomi’s books, too. Can’t say no to dragons.

      1. That’s awesome! Glad you’re enjoying it! I love the humor in it too, and it’s also been great for writing inspiration! 😁

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