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Rare Creature Sighting

Within the burrows of my heart hides this tiny creature. It’s fuzzy with rounded ears and a small nose, much like a pika. It’s about the same size too.

PikaThis is the creature that jumps for glee at being invited to a friend’s event or that scrambles with purpose when hosting a game night.

This is also the creature that excitedly rolls out ideas for marketing or squeals when I book a book signing.

But this small, fuzzy bundle of joy lives in the silent puma’s territory.

The Puma does not jump for glee at the idea of a party. It would much rather climb a tree or find a quiet place for a sun drenched nap.

It doesn’t scramble in excitement over a friendly get together but bares its teeth and wanders away on silent paws, choosing to hide in its den over rubbing shoulders with other cats.

If annoyed too much, the puma might just eat the round eared pika out of spite and so, the pika hides the majority of the time in its burrow.

And there the pika stays, quiet and cautious, while the puma handles the day-to-day details of life.


There are, however, a few, rare instances when the pika gets to climb onto a rock and sing its existence. Perhaps the puma’s deep asleep, or perhaps it’s too focused on hunting and doesn’t hear the pika’s chirping. For whatever reason, it’s distracted enough that the pika gets its way.

This Saturday, come glimpse this seldom seen creature.

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From 11am to 1pm, I’ll be sitting out front 2nd Look Books in Spokane, Washington in hopes of encouraging passersby and book shoppers to purchase a book and get a signing. (There’ll be free, homemade cookies too! Definitely the pika’s idea.)

I’m terrified and excited, but for two hours the pika gets its rock from which it can sing to the world. Then, after 1pm rolls around, he’ll scamper back into the burrow within my heart and wait patiently for the next time the puma’s distracted.

Hope to see you there.



15 thoughts on “Rare Creature Sighting”

  1. Excited for YOU Pika! We think your first (Knowing there will be others) book is fast paced, with characters SO real, that they JUMP off the page, into your imagination. David & Susan

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  2. So close and yet so far! I’m only two states south of you, but that’s still not close enough to meet you and get my signed copy of your book (and a free cookie). Oh well, maybe someday. 😉

    Hope your book signing goes well this weekend, Jennifer! Love the animal analogy! May your inner pika get many more chances to sing! 🙂

  3. What a cute analogy! Unfortunately, I’m on the right coast, but in the wrong state, otherwise my own pika would be jumping up with glee while my puma growls about having to be around people. But best of luck and I hope tons of people buy your book!

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