Owl Shaped Option Aa1: Go to School as an Owl

It’s time to see if you survive this adventure!

If you missed the last couple weeks, let me fill you in. For your magicks class, you have to form an animated animal out of animas clay. You want to create an owl but, since you haven’t seen one up close, you’re having a hard time keeping the creature’s shape clear in your mind. Your teacher has given you one night to figure it out and you decided to climb a tree to see the owl’s nest on your farm. When you climbed the tree, you got a few seconds peek before the momma owl decided to attack. You decided to climb the tree again and the momma owl punctured the clay into your skin. When you tried to create your owl later, you turned into the owl. Now you’re headed to school in hopes that your instructor can change you back.

Let’s see if you get to school and if the instructor can help…

Owl Shaped Option Aa1: Go to School as an Owl

CowsYou lay beneath your bed until mom and dad head out to tend the cows. When you have projects at school, it’s not uncommon for you to head out early before either of them rise for work. You thank your lucky stars for this because they simply assume now that you had a project you forgot to tell them about.

By the time you squirm your way from beneath the bed, you’re stiff and one of your wings tingles from a lack of blood flow. As you shake it to return feeling, you debate waddling down the stairs or trying to fly off the roof.

Every time the momma owl has babies, they learn to fly by basically falling from the nest. It’s an all or nothing kind of gig. You either jump, spread your wings and hope they carry you, or you waddle your way to the school.

Time decides which option you go with. By waddling around the room, you figure out that it’s just going to take too long to waddle to school. You’d never make it during the school day.

With returned feeling in your wing, you hop onto your desk and shove the top of your head against the base of the windowpane. Thankfully, you left it cracked the night before and it slides upward with only a few pushes.

You squeeze under and waddle out onto the roof of the house. Something catches your eye below. A curious ‘Whohoho,’ escapes you and you realize you’re eyeing a mouse for breakfast. With a shake, you return your focus to jumping off the roof.

The drop’s not that far, you’ve jumped it before, but at the time you were a human with a great deal more height.

Now you’re a two-foot tall owl. That drop looks a lot bigger this morning.

There’s a scream from out in the yard. It’s not human, but the angry challenge of the momma owl. She swoops toward you. If she had a problem with a human being near her nest, she’s furious that another owl’s close.

Flying OwlIt’s now or never. You take two steps before dropping into the open air. Your stomach meets the top of your mouth in a sudden desire to vacate your body. You imitate the momma owl and spread your wings.

There’s a pull at the appendages, a not unpleasant pressure, and your stomach slides back into its proper place as your wings catch the air. A thrill tingles through you. The ground whooshes past before you angle upward toward the open sky.

The momma owl gives a parting screech and gives up the chase, satisfied that she scared you away from her babies.

Below, the road meanders its way south toward the school. You use it to navigate into town.

A harsh ‘caw caw’ comes from the railing of an upper story building’s balcony. There are answering caws from farther down the street.

A sigh of frustration escapes you. Crows. They like to mob the owl at home and you know from watching her that it’s impossible to fight their numbers.

You turn and swoop between several houses, then take a sharp left into the schoolyard.

Caw Caw. Cawcaw caw.

By now there are about a dozen of the black birds swirling around behind you. With a quick count of windows, you pick out the magick instructor’s room and barrel into the glass. Landing is a lot harder than you expected.

You sink long claws into the window frame and beat your beak against the glass. The crows are getting bolder. One dives toward you.

You flare your massive wings and the crow backs off again.

CrowThe window slides open to reveal the curious face of your instructor. Although you don’t want to be rude, you’d rather deal with his displeasure right now than with the crows. You dart inside, shoving him back from the window in the process.

He stumbles back with a ‘humph,’ and catches himself on his desk.

Then he stares in shock at the owl on his desk.

You pivot your head back toward the window, then look at him, then back toward the window.

Close it!  You want to shout but all that comes out is a loud ‘Whohohohoooo.’

He reaches over without looking away from you and slides the pane closed just as a crow thuds into the glass. He jumps, shakes himself and then pokes you in the chest with a curious finger.

“WHOhohooo.” You glare at him.

He cracks up laughing a full, body-bending belly laugh. Tears start rolling down his face before he can contain his mirth.

Wiping at his eyes, he gasps in a breath. “Last time this happened I ended up with a hedgehog waddling across my floor, but a full horned owl! That takes the cake!”

Part of you wants to be indignant, but then you realize, he knows exactly what happened. You don’t have to try to get him to understand by speaking a series of ‘whohos.’


Your instructor helps you change back into a human after containing his amusement.

“I’ll grant you full credit,” he says, “because you obviously went to great lengths to see your owl and you created a full, flying owl with the clay. However, I won’t let you use animas clay again. If you ever happen to get it into your skin again, you’ll end up an animated object for life.”

This makes your magicks class very tricky because animas clay is used for lots of assignments, but your instructor helps you come up with alternatives and you avoid ever touching the clay again.

The End

Well done! You not only survived your owl experience but you passed the instructor’s assignment =)

Thank you for joining this adventure. I love to hear your thoughts on the options and the overall story. Feel free to leave a comment with feedback.

Many blessings,


15 thoughts on “Owl Shaped Option Aa1: Go to School as an Owl”

  1. Good thing the instructor has some experience with this! Too bad he didn’t give us any warning, but I guess he had to find a way to get a good laugh.

    1. He definitely got a good laugh out of the situation! And I agree, he could have given more warning about the dangers…but then again, it’s probably not every day a kid gets animas clay stuck in his or her skin. =)

      1. Very true. Though if it was a regular occurrence, then I’m sure the class would come with a warning: pick an animal you wouldn’t mind being for possibly forever!

  2. What a relief! Too bad we can’t use the clay anymore, but at least we’re human again and we passed the assignment! This was a fun adventure! I look forward to the next one! 🙂

  3. Cute and so glad we are not an owl forever. However, I do like owls. Hummmmmmmm!😁

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