Discarded Option Aa2: Keep Fighting

This was a really close vote! But in the end the choice to keep fighting won out.

(If you missed the previous weeks, just know you’re a metal dragon who has been discarded due to your weak wings. Now you’re trying to finish your body at night while the Maker’s away. You managed to get a new green gem for an eye but the current work-in-progress caught you in the act. When you offered her a gem, she snuffed your offer and woke up all the others. In your fight with the ‘perfect’ dragons, one of the other ‘discards’ came to your aid. He saved you from the others and wants to keep helping you so you offer to find him new claws. Once again, the ‘perfect’ dragons started a fight with you and now the Maker is arriving for work. The vote went the way of continuing the fight despite the fact that the Maker will see you. Let’s see how this adventure ends!)

Discarded Option Aa2: Keep Fighting

Door KnobThe brass handle on the shop’s door turns but the click you’d usually hear as it disengages from the doorframe is lost as the amber dragon launches himself at Blain’s left side. The move looks like he’s taking off for flight. He flares his wings and sinks his claws with a screech into the gray metal just above one of Blain’s massive wings.

Blain cries a brassy howl of pain.

Using his extended right wing as a ramp, you race up Blain’s right side and slam into the amber dragon’s chest just as the workshop door swings open.

Always before when the Maker arrives, everyone freezes. It’s a general rule despite the fact that he fully equips every dragon with working wings, voice boxes and, technically, brains.

There’s too much momentum between you and the amber dragon to stop moving as the Maker’s leather boots scuff against the rough floor.

The amber dragon’s claws tear free of Blain’s side, pulling another howl from Blain, and you tumble with the male across the workbench and off the side.

Within the amber dragon’s jasper eyes you see his indecision. The Maker’s watching. If he flares his wings to break the fall, the Maker will see, but if he doesn’t, he’ll take the full impact of the fall, including your small weight attached to his chest, on his back. Such an impact is sure to destroy his wings.

He flares at the last second and your head whips forward and back with the sudden change in speed. There’s a crunch as you land against the wooden floor.

Although it’s too late, you freeze in the position you fell. The amber male does the same but one of his eyes is still watching you and there’s such a fire of fury in that one jasper orb that you have to restrain a shudder.

Blain’s head peeks over the edge of the workbench above.

“What?!” The Maker’s deep voice echoes through the shop.

He lifts Blain from his spot on the bench, muttering to himself as he inspects the rents left in Blain’s back from the amber male’s claws.

“I should know better…” he proceeds to pick up the siren female. “Every time I use that voice box, there’s trouble.” He holds both Blain and the siren in one of his large, callused hands and bends to retrieve you and the amber male from the floor. Several of your claws are still firmly embedded in the male’s chest and so he lifts you both together.

“Such a terrible waste,” he grumbles as he disengages your claws. “What a mess.”

With all four of you in tow, he heads toward the back of the shop to a small window. The hinges for the window are on the top instead of the side. He shoves it open.

Trash“Can’t have such trouble makers in my shop,” he says and pitches you outside.

It’s then you see the trash bin situated directly below the window.

The siren female shrieks as she realizes she’s just been thrown away.

“Never going to use that voice box again,” the Maker grumbles and the window thuds closed on his words.

She shrieks again.

Blain and the amber male are unfortunate enough to be in front of her. They’re both flattened to the trash in the bottom of the bin. You, on the other hand, are beside her. You reach out a paw and clamp her jaws closed.

“Enough!” you say.

She whimpers and you let her go. Thankfully, she doesn’t shriek again.

Blain shakes himself, tests his wings, and then grins. “That was so much fun!”

The amber male scoffs. “Fun? That was your idea of fun!?” He attempts to spread his wings only to find that one of them will not support the weight. Almost directly against the base of the wing, the tendon is cracked from his fall.

He glares at you and takes a threatening step forward. Blain clamps a fully clawed paw down on his tail.

“It’s fixable,” you say before the two get into another fight. “If you’re willing to work together.”

“Fixable?” He asks, clearly skeptical.

You hold up a piece of wire from the trash. “We might not be the most pretty bunch in the world, but there’s plenty of bits and pieces we can find to make ourselves whole again. But,” you hold up a claw, “we have to work together. That’s the deal.”

Blain nods vigorously. You never doubted his willingness but you appreciate his enthusiasm.

“That’s how I got my claws!” he holds them up like none of you were around to see the event happen.

“Fine,” the amber male agrees.

“We might not be able to get your tiny wings to work,” the siren female says.

You shrug. “We’ve got a lot of time to try.”

She huffs. “Fine.”


Dragon WingMarcus and Vivian are never the most friendly of dragons but they do eventually learn to work with you and Blain. And eventually, you do figure out wings that allow you to fly. They’re not pretty, but they work.

The End

Thank you for joining in this adventure! I received a lot of good feedback from the comments but I welcome any other thoughts if you have them. Plus, if you’d like to explore more endings in this adventure, let me know and I’ll be sure to run it again in the future.

A new adventure will start next week. I hope to see you then.



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  1. What a great ending! I did not see it coming. Sounds like the Maker should be more careful in the future. Hope to do this one again!

  2. Yeah, we made it out alive on this story.! Always do like a good ending and a great story. See you in the funny pages, sweet girl😀

  3. One man’s trash may well be another’s treasure. What we discard in this life may well have potential beyond our imagination. God takes the broken things of this world and those willing to step out in faith and creates something beautiful! Keep taking those steps.

  4. Aww, this was a cute ending! I guess when one window closes, another one opens! Loved this adventure, Jennifer! I hope you’ll run it again in the future; I’d love to see the other endings! 🙂

    By the way, I’m taking a break from blogging for a while (though I’ll still be reading your stories ;-)), but I’m planning to accept guest posts soon to help me promote my blog relaunch! The posts wouldn’t go live for at least a couple of months from now, but you’re always welcome to sign up if you’re interested! I’d be more than happy to help you promote The Adventure—e.g. you could share an excerpt of one of your stories or write a behind-the-scenes post about your book! You can find more details on my blog. Thanks, and good luck with your writing! 😉

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