Shape Changer Option Aa: Cat

MouseWelcome back.

If you missed the first part of this adventure, here’s the quick recap. You’ve been hired to rescue the Westbrook boy, who’s been kidnapped by the Eastbrooks. To get to their castle, you shifted into a hawk and then you shifted into a mouse to fit into the window. A cat heard you sneeze and is about to enter the tower where you’re at. You’re about to shift into a cat before the Eastbrook’s cat finds you. Let’s see what happens.

Shape Changer Option Aa: Cat

With seconds remaining before the cat enters the tower’s top room, you hug your tiny paws against your sides and fire washes
from your head down to your tail.

There’s a flash and your paws now have sharp claws and the fur on your back stands on end. Your silver tail poofs out and you arch your back in an aggressive stance.

A massive black tom darts up the stairs and freezes at the sight of you.

After a moment, his head tilts to the side in a questioning gesture. It’s not often you run into a cat larger than your own silver shape but this feline’s got a good ten pounds on you. The scars on his ears and shoulders attest to his experience. He’s not intimidated by your stance and to emphasize his confidence, he thumps his hindquarters down into a relaxed sitting posture.

“You’re not from around here,” he says. To the old man who follows him up the stairs, these words sound like a low growl.

You relax and sit down as well. No reason to antagonize him.

“I usually hang out around the dungeons,” you respond. “Today I wanted a quieter place to rest.”

His ears twitch back and forth in a negative gesture. “I know all the cats of this castle. You’re not one of them.”

“Who’s this, Longtail?” the old man steps toward you like he’s going to pick you up. Being a cat has its advantages, but getting picked up by a strange human isn’t one of them. Your hackles rise.

Longtail responds this time. Apparently hissing at his human isn’t a good idea. His hind legs bunch in preparation to launch at you. Judging by his size and scars, an actual fight might be a toss up on who would win.

Just as he’s about to pounce, you dart directly between the old man’s legs. This prevents Longtail from simply spinning to catch you as he’d end up scratching his human in the process. It gives you a few precious seconds and you use them to vault down the stairs.

The room below is obviously the old man’s living quarters with a single bed, a nightstand and a writing table. In your hurried pass through it, you can tell that only the old man lives there. It smells heavily of him and Longtail and no one else.

You continue on to the next set of stairs. There’s a cracked door at the bottom but you’re moving too fast to navigate the small opening between the door and the frame. Instead, you tuck your head to the side and slam you shoulder against the heavy wood. Pain stabs through your shoulder.

It’s a good thing you’re a decent sized cat or the door wouldn’t have budged. As it is, it creaks open far enough to let you tumble through but the resistance allows Longtail to make ground on you. His claws catch the wood right where your body hit it moments before.

This floor is the main level of the castle. You race down the hall leading out of the tower but cringe as you fly past two cats curled in the sunshine streaming through a window.

They howl at your disturbance.

“Give chase!” Longtail hollers as he too flies past.

You glance back to see the three of them racing after you but the old man is nowhere in sight. Your shoulder’s screaming from where you hit the door. You’re not sure you can shake your pursuers and a fight with the three of them would be a for sure loss on your part.

The Westbrook boy was not in the tower, which means he’s most likely in the dungeons but there’s a lot to the underground cells. You could spend days searching them.

You race around another corner and find yourself in an empty room. If you’re going to change, now would be a good time.

You consider shifting into a large dog to scare the cats away. After they’re gone, you could pick something less conspicuous to search the dungeons.

Or maybe the cats could be of help. If you shift into a human in front of them and then shift back into a cat, you might be able to enlist their help. Might being the key word. They may just decide you’re a danger to all their humans and attack you outright.

In the second you have to decide, do you pick?

Aa1: Dog?


Aa2: Human?

Vote for whichever option you’d like to explore. Next Thursday, we’ll see how this adventure ends =)



9 thoughts on “Shape Changer Option Aa: Cat”

  1. High-speed chase through the castle! It’s a tough choice, but I say we try turning into a human; if the cats agree to help, it’ll make the job easier! Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  2. Love all the cats! I’m going to have to go with human, just to see how the cats react to seeing cat-human-cat. Hope there isn’t a nasty cat fight at the other end of this!

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