Working Out the Brain

The human brain is a marvelous thing.

Photo courtesy of Sebring’s Snapshots.

Just like a muscle, it can be worked out until doing certain activities becomes easier. Memory can be improved by memorizing (imagine that). Reading can be improved by reading and writing. Sight reading sheet music can be improved by practicing piano. I could go on.

But similarly, if the brain’s not used in a certain activity often, it atrophies in that activity. It will struggle to perform at an efficient level.

All that said means, I haven’t written stories in a while and it’s showing. Last year I focused on editing, formatting, and promoting The Adventure, and I’m not complaining, but my ability to sit down and write a cohesive adventure story has atrophied.

I fully intended to post an adventure in January. Don’t look at the calendar, it’s embarrassing. There was a time I could fully write an adventure in three days. All eight endings written out, done, complete. That time is not now.

I can’t do the eighteen pull-ups I used to crank out either.

But, just like I’m getting back into my workout schedule, I’m sluggishly getting back into my writing schedule. My lesson has been learned, a little bit of story writing on a regular basis goes a long way in keeping my brain fit, as it were.

So, a little late, welcome to 2018. Thank you for your patience with me.

Thursday will see the start to this year’s first adventure story.

Hope to see you then.



10 thoughts on “Working Out the Brain”

  1. Don’t worry Jennifer, every writer worth their salt has these phases, they are what try our essence, our gift, as it were.

    “Like the phoenix, the fire will purify your skill, and it will rise from the ashes of inactivity more glorious than ever before!”

    God Bless you and yours, Sabin

  2. Happy New Year, Jennifer! I totally understand the feeling of being out of practice with writing. No shame! Can’t wait to read your new adventure story! 🙂

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