Hitting Pavement

There’s always a moment when pursuing a dream when it hits you,

“This is actually happening.”

MotorcycleWhen I was learning to ride a motorcycle, that moment arrived with a  smack against the pavement. I dumped the motorcycle I was riding during the class. As I stood up, my body shaking and my mind racing in a hasty injury check, it struck me in one clear thought. “Either get back on or forever walk away.”

I got back on. It took months before the terrified, almost vomit-inducing anxiety left me every time I got on a motorcycle, but now I can say with total confidence, getting back on was the right choice.

The updated proof of The Adventure arrived in the mail today. As I hold it in my hand and see all the work from the last year culminate in an actual, physical book, it hits me, “This is actually happening.”

I might hit the pavement in the process, but it’s worth it. I’ll never question if it’s possible again.

Don’t get me wrong, I might have vomit-inducing anxiety as I move forward, but that’s natural and no amount of anxiety will keep me from getting back on and moving forward.

Where are you at in pursuing life? Any “this is happening” moments?



6 thoughts on “Hitting Pavement”

  1. Hitting pavement hurts. Getting up and back on is the right thing to do! Shoulder and collar bone all healed, got back on with a new respect. Now it’s a new day, let’s move forward and see just where He is leading.

  2. Chasing a dream becomes scarier the closer you get to your goal, but that’s a good sign that you’re leaving your comfort zone and actually making things happen! Well done, Jennifer! 🙂

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