Black Stone Option A. Investigate

Welcome back to the adventure! You’re in search of a black stone to cure you sister’s eyes. Let’s see what happens next.

Black Stone Option A. Investigate

the-sunset-1366241Considering the position of the sun on the horizon, making it to the towers could be tight before sunset. The keening sound, however, is definitely close enough for you to get to before dusk arrives.

“Let’s see what the sound is,” you say.

“Awesome!” Your sister takes off toward the cliffs at a run.

You follow at a walk and catch up with her once she keels over, out of breath.

“Little excited?” you tease.

She grunts and sticks her tongue out at you. Then she points to a smaller cave just ahead. “Think the sound’s coming from there.”

“Let’s explore cautiously,” you encourage.

She sticks her tongue out again but follows behind when you approach the cave.

The sound, now that you’re closer, howls with a deep, hollow bellow that makes your ears ring.

You peek inside but it’s dark enough that you can’t make out more than five feet beyond the entrance. It seems empty. You give your sister a shushing gesture to encourage soft steps and then move inside, staying to the wall with your back.

Sand continues to squish up around your sandals as you walk and the cool wall of the cave seeps moisture through your clothes but by now you can see nothing. Your sister slips her hand into yours and follows behind.

The keening grows louder.

cavern-1333909The wall behind you drops away and a quick search shows you that you’ve entered a cavern. The keening echoes and you’re sure, after a moment, that you’re in the room it’s originating from.

You stand still until your eyes adjust a bit and you make out three shapes standing in the middle of the cavern.

They’re not big enough to be full grown trolls. In fact, they’re no taller than you but they’re bulkier in the shoulders.

From the ceiling, wind howls down an open shaft. It’s this shaft that gives just enough light for you to make out the figures in the cavern.

As the wind grows in intensity, one of the figures throws its head back and lets out a deep, throaty keening that matches the wind.

A second figure joins the first, but in a lower timbre.

Then the third joins them in a lilting, howling melody above their keening. It’s haunting. Shivers make you shudder and your sister huddles against your side.

“Are they singing?” she whispers.

The three figures stop, leaving the wind alone with its howl. They move at once, without speaking or looking over at you. Next thing you know, you’re surrounded and they’re breathing heavy, fishy breath into your hair.

Light flares as one sparks a flint onto a torch.

They’re bald headed, green skinned and yellow eyed. And they’re kids.

“Oh, look, a snack!” one says and pokes at your shoulder.

“Only if you brush your teeth first,” your sister says back.

“Whoa, look at her eyes.”

They all crouch close to see your sister’s red eyes. She stares back at them without a hint of fear.

“Teeth,” she says, “I’m serious. You’ve got something stuck in between your two front teeth and from my point of view, it’s molding. GO. BRUSH. YOUR. TEETH!”

They jump and say, “Yes, Ma’am,” all at the same time.

A slight smile pulls at your sister’s lips. “Then show us to the steeple.”

They all pause.

“To the top of it or bottom of it?” one asks.

Your sister, for the first time, looks uncertainly at you.


Aa. Top?


Ab. Bottom?

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  1. Haha, this sister character is clever! I’d have been scared speechless of those trolls! Let’s head to the top of the steeple. Wonder what we’ll find!

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