It’s time for the fourth and last adventure from the nieces and nephew! If you missed the last while, just know that I helped my sister with her kid’s Creative Writing classes last semester and now each one has their own adventure story to share.

This week you get to meet Esther. =)

In her own words:

Hi, I’m Esther. I love reading and writing. This is the first book I’ve ever finished writing. I love reading the Ranger’s Apprentice, The Land of Stories, Percy Jackson, and Wereworld series.  I am 10 years old, in 5th grade. I like dancing and painting. Hope you enjoy this story!

And now on to her adventure story!



You’ve been in the palace for a bit and you have just received a message from the queen and it said:

Meet me in my quarters now.

You know if you delay you will be in trouble, so you hurry. When you get there, the queen is in tears.

You ask, “are you ok?”



“The emerald has been stolen. You must find it, since this is what all that detective training was for. The emerald is as big as a man’s skull, and is the last one in the kingdom!

You set off at dawn.”

As you pack your bags, a thought pops into your head and you remember the haunted mansion that a servant told you about. It’s concealed, so you decide to start your search there.

The next day when you are midway to the mansion, you are sweating from the heat of the sun. Your horse starts to buck and you see that something is bothering it. You check her, but she seems fine, so you continue. Being worried, you are very careful.

You’ve been on the road for a while, and you’ve finally made it! At the gate, you are surprised because it is open, so you go in and it gets dark. You look back, it is also dark outside the gate now even though the sun was shining only moments ago!

Do you:

A: Search inside the mansion first?


B: Search outside first?

Emerald Option A: Search Outside

You decide to start your search outside because it makes the most sense. You turn left. Just then a man appears in front of you butquote-the-raven-1475620 he is rather white. This is frightening, so you turn around to go the opposite way of him.

You’ve been looking for what seems like hours now and you’ve seen nothing but ravens.

You are very frustrated, so you turn around and see someone in the distance, and you decide to ask if he knows anything. Running to the boy, you ask breathlessly, “Have you seen an emerald?” 

“Why do you ask?”

Then a man walks  up and  asks, “What are you two doing?”

“Talking,” you say.

“Ya,” the boy agrees.

Then you notice that they are see through. Then you ask, “are you guys ghosts?” 

“Yes,” the man agrees, “and you are looking for the emerald, no doubt?”

“Yes,” you say in astonishment. 

“Come, we’ve been waiting.”

tunnel-1226855“You have?” 

“Yes,” the mysterious man answers.

They show you a hidden tunnel and the man says, “This will take you to the emerald.” 

Do you:

Aa: Go in the tunnel?


Ab: Run back to your horse?

Emerald Option Aa: Go In the Tunnel

The ghost is good enough to let you live, so you step toward the tunnel.lantern-1165222-m

Then the man says, “you will need this,” and the man hands you a lantern.

“Thank you,” you say.

“And good luck,” the man says.

The tunnel is dark so you light the lantern the man gave you.

Then you hear a sound that makes you shiver all over.

Then a bat comes flying at your face!!! Startled, you drop the lantern, making everything go dark. You try to keep going but you trip on a rock, causing you to fall. You hit your head on another rock hard enough to make you go unconscious.

You wake up feeling dizzy. You stay on the ground for a while to think and you start to remember what happened. You get up to look for your lantern but you fail to find it in the dark, so you continue down the passage for what seems like hours and you finally see a light in the distance. You run toward it.

When you get there, you find a door. You go in and see six letters on a table in the center of the room. You walk to the table and read:


You know the risk, you will come, I know you will.

Yours, Ema


I can’t come, so sorry.

Your friend, Alcor


Why can’t you come? 



Don’t tell anyone this, but I’ve been crowned king!



Oh my gosh! What happened?



Adine was murdered by Adum.


emeralds-jewels-1367039You see a box in the far corner of the room. Curious about what’s inside it, you run over and open it. Inside is the emerald! You put it in your bag and go back to the tunnel and begin the journey back to your new ghost friends. When you get to the spot where you fell, your toe hits something hard. You stop to grab it and find it is your lantern. When you reach the end, you see the man and boy.

The boy asks, “are you ok? What happened?”

“Yes, I’m ok, I’ll tell you about it another time. Right now I need to talk to… what’s your name again?” 

“Oh yes, my name is Atum and this is Marco. How are you feeling?” Says the elder of the two ghosts.


You are cut short by a girl ghost who says, “Atum, who’s this?” And she points a finger at you.

“This is the one you spoke of,” Atum says

“Oh, do you have it?” The girl asks, shocked.

“Who are you?” You shoot back ignoring her question. 

“Oh fine, I’m Ema and these are my brothers.”

“Atum, did you kill a guy named Aline?” You ask.

“No, I didn’t kill Adine. Why do you ask?” Atum replies.

Not sure how to respond, you turn to Ema and say, “You might want these letter I found.” 

“Thank you,” Ema says. 

“I really probably should head back now, the Queen will be worried.” 

“Okay, we’ll see you some other time,” Atum says.

“Bye!” Marco says.

You walk to your horse and ride home. The queen is overjoyed with the return of the emerald. You, unfortunately, never find out how Adine got killed.

The End

Yay! You succeeded in your mission. Well done =)

Thank you, Esther, for sharing!

The adventure will take a week’s break and then we’ll be back to the usual adventures starting on the 5th of April. (Oh no! you’ll have to deal with my writing again =) ) I’m working on one beauty right now that involves memories and marbles. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

So, until then, blessings and have an amazing week,


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  1. I think a search of the outside would be in order. Might pick up some clues about whats going on and the sudden darkness.

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