The Troll Chaser

It’s time for Caleb’s adventure!

If you missed the last several weeks, just know that I helped my sister’s kids with their creative writing last semester and now we get to share in the adventure stories they wrote. It’s fantastic to see their imaginations at work.

This week you get to meet Caleb.

In his own words:

Hello, my name is Caleb. I am 9 years old, and this is the first story I have ever written. I love video games, especially Halo! My favorite series of books is the Amulet Series. If you like mythical stuff, you might really like it too! I hope you enjoy my story.

And now for his adventure!

The Troll Chaser

You’re asleep in your cottage at night when you hear your mom scream. Jumping out of  bed, you see your mom being dragged out the door by a troll!

You grab your flashlight and your knife and race after them. Until sunrise, you follow them through the forest. The massive, muddy, smelly troll leads you to a cave big enough for four of your cottage to fit in. Right before the troll disappears into the cave, you see your mom is okay and still conscious.

You sit down on a pile of moss to think when black smoke trails from the cave.  You go in front of the cave and notice the smoke smells like rotten flesh and makes you want to throw up. Going in and following the smell, you notice there is gold on the floor. You follow the trail of gold and find a dragon that stands in your way!

So do you:

Sneak around it?


Go over it?

Troll Chaser- Sneak Around

You feel like going over the dragon is too dangerous, so you go around. Tiptoeing around the massive, blue dragon takes you a half an hour. During that time, you notice a light coming from a doorway on the other side of the room. As smoke trails from the dragon’s nostrils, his eyes start to open! You tiptoe faster than you ever have. The dragon stirs less and less and finally goes back to sleep. 

You keep sneaking towards the light, when his tail whips around and knocks you off your feet! You grab your gut and glance at the dragon to see if he’s awake. He is not. When you finally get to the light, you look in and see the troll and your mom, so do you:

Sneak around the troll?


Scream and fight?

The Troll Chaser-Sneak Around the Troll

You think you can sneak around the troll and save  your mom because the troll is asleep. Your mom is tied up to a bedpost. 

You are glad you grabbed your knife. When you get there, your mom is happy to see you but she is very pale. She whispers, “I am so happy to see you, please untie me now.” 

You start to cut the ropes but as you finish, the troll awakens with a roar! You throw your knife at the troll’s eye and grab your mom’s hand and run out!

The troll is in too much pain to follow and the dragon doesn’t wake up. You make it home and move away because your mom doesn’t feel safe. Your new home is so fun and safe!      

The End  

Yay! You bested the troll and saved your mom. Well done!

Thank you again Caleb for sharing your adventure. =)

We’ve got one more story to explore from the nieces and nephew. Next week I’ll introduce you to Esther and her adventure, Emerald.

Until then, have a wonderful week!




16 thoughts on “The Troll Chaser”

  1. Oh Wow! This is interesting…Make yourself as small as possible and sneak around. Beware, dragons are very sensitive! Good luck Caleb!

  2. Another fun beginning to a new adventure! A troll and a dragon? Sounds dangerous! I say we sneak around. Hope the beast doesn’t wake up!

  3. Waking a sleeping beast could be bad for your health. I would avoid it at all costs.
    A. Sneak around it.

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