It’s time for a new adventure!

To recap if you missed the previous few weeks, I helped last semester with my nieces’ and nephew’s Creative Writing class. So now, each one of them has a full adventure story to share! Their imaginations humble me.

This week it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Haylee:

In her own words:

Hello! My name is Haylee. I am seven years old, and in second grade. I’m small, but fierce! My favorite book is The Puppy Place, Goldie.

This is the first story I’ve ever finished writing, I hope you enjoy it!

And now on to the start of her adventure.


You are sailing in the pacific ocean when there is a storm and you crash on an island. It is just you and your parents on the boat.

You get knocked over when you crash.

Getting up, you realize the mast is covering the hatch. The hatch is the only way into the bottom of the boat where your parents are.

You climb over broken bits of the ship to get to the hatch and bang on it to see if your parents are alive. “Help!” You hear them yell.  

You shout back, “I will try to find a way to get you out.”

Searching for a wedge, you suddenly feel hands grabbing your arms. You turn your head and see ten bandits!

Do you:

Scream and fight?


Go with them quietly?


You are angry that your parents are stuck and you won’t let them out of your sight so you can’t go quietly with these bandits. You took eight years of karate. Spinning around, you roundhouse kick and knock them all off their feet. This surprises them so much that half of them are stunned and the other half of them are knocked out! So you grab a rope as fast as you can and tie them up. Next do you:

Talk to them?


Send them sailing on pieces of the wreckage?

Shipwrecked-Talk to Them

You need to know more about the island so you take their masks off, and you talk to the bandits. When you take their masks off, you realize that they are your long lost friends, so you untie them and give hugs and remember that they had been sailing too and never came home. They help you open the hatch and your parents are thirsty. You stay on the island because you all feel happy there.

The End

Yay! Well done on finding a happy ending. Thank you, Haylee, for sharing.

Next week I’ll introduce you all to Caleb and you’ll get to explore his adventure. Until then, have a wonderful week =)



20 thoughts on “Shipwrecked”

  1. Wow this is a tough decision. On one hand your family is stuck on the other you are out numbered. The bandits probably heard you talking to your parents so they know they are there. I say go with them quietly and hopefully the bandits get my parents out.
    B. Go quietly

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