Dragon’s Breath

Hello everyone! It’s great to be back to the adventure and I can now reveal a surprise that’s been brewing since last fall.

When the school year started, my sister asked me to help with my nieces’ and nephew’s English lessons. She wanted to work on their story telling and teach them such things as protagonist, point of view, setting… you know, all the story telling things that are right up my alley!

And the kids blew me away. They put me to shame! Seriously, I need to up my ante to keep up with them. =)

The fantastic part is…they wrote their very own adventures. Options, multiple endings, the whole speel.

So for the next while, we get to explore the adventures these kid’s imaginations came up with! It’s gonna be awesome!

This first adventure was written by Jael.

Let’s meet her in her own words:

My name is Jael Rohman. I’m 11 years old, in 7th grade and I have always wanted to write a story. I wrote a poem that was published in Creative Communication. I’ve started writing tons of books but never finished. This is the first time I’ve ever finished a story, and it’s a little long. I love reading and some of my favorites are the Wings of Fire series, the Wish List and so many others. Enjoy the adventure. “

And now on to

Dragon’s Breath


Photo courtesy of Sebring's Snapshots.

You jolt out of a dreamless sleep, look around and think until you remember where you are. The dripping of water off enormous, vine covered trees reminds you, you’re  in the middle of a rainforest island being kidnapped by dragons. Right. You suddenly remember your dogs who you brought with you but you don’t see them.

“Hey!” the voice repeats.

You try to turn around and realize you’re lying down and your hands are tied in front of you. You look up instead and almost scream. Thank goodness you’re gagged as well as tied up.

Three tremendous dragons stand above you. One is green and blue and looks to be female. The second is brown and gold and definitely male.The final one is a male with scales so yellow they’re almost white, and they hurt to look at.

“Oh good, he’s awake,” says the green and blue female.

“I told you he wasn’t dead,” says the gold and brown one, sounding relieved.

You glance at the last dragon, expecting him to say something, but he just continues to examine you with obvious contempt. Finally, he says, “Liam, take the prisoner to the dungeon, then follow me an’ Ruby to the council room.”

“Yes sir,” replies Liam, the gold and brown dragon.

As the other two leave the room, he walks towards you, gently picks you up and asks, “What are you doing on Dragon Island?”

You can’t decide how much to tell him. You came to the island to find a flower called Dragon’s Breath to heal your sister, Cassandra, from a fatal sickness called Hydra-Bane. Liam seems trustworthy, but you never know with dragons.

So do you:

Tell the truth?


Make something up?

Dragon’s Breath- Tell the Truth

You’re tired and don’t think you can make something up on the spot. Liam has removed your gag, so you tell him everything from the moment your sister fell ill, but once you get to the part about needing Dragon’s Breath, he jumps up and runs off at top speed without a backward glance. 

“Well, that was interesting,” you mutter. 

Having nowhere else to go, you follow Liam. You pass many cave entrances, but one in particular strikes you as strange, with glowing orbs of fire hung around the sides and top of the mouth. 

So, abandoning your plan to follow Liam, you stop and look in. What you see almost makes you scream again. Thankfully, you have gotten better control of yourself. Five gigantic dragons stand in the room beyond. Three of them look related to Ruby, the blue and green dragon who left with the big white and yellow one. The rest of them look like neither of the others. They’re murmuring too quietly for you to hear them so you creep closer and hear a bit of the conversation. 

“We need to attack now while they’re least expecting it,” says the largest one, one of the ones not related to Ruby. 

She’s picking her teeth with something that looks disturbingly like a human thigh bone, your stomach lurches as you realize that’s exactly what it is.

“But what if that little one can tell us something, like what kind of weapons they have? And what about the barrier?” argues one of the ones related to Ruby.

With a jolt, you realize they’re talking about invading the mainland. Though you’re not sure what the barrier is.

So do you: 

Find out more?


Sneak away?

Dragon’s Breath-Find Out More

You desperately need to get out to find the flower, get home, and heal your sister, but the temptation to stay and find out more is almost overwhelming, so you creep even farther into the cave. Suddenly, you hear voices again.

“Gosh,” says one, “that human has made the entire cave system smell.”

“Come on Greatness, it’s not that bad,” says another.

You can’t see them so you assume they’ve moved elsewhere in the cave. 

“Well, I agree with Phoenix,” says another dragon, “your nose hasn’t been right since the Great Depression.”

“Very untrue,” responds the first dragon, sounding injured. 

“Hey ladies, knock it off. Greatness’ sense of smell is perfectly fine,” says a male voice, all the others have been female. 

“Don’t you dare call me a lady, Glacier,” hisses Phoenix. 

You’ve never really been afraid of animals but this dragon’s voice is the definition of scary, maybe because there’s an underlying tone of threat in her voice. 

“I can smell them too,” says Glacier.

“Oh really, and that makes you right?” says a new voice, another male.

“No, but your noses aren’t very good anyway,” replies Glacier. 

“Oh really?” 


“Ha, like that’s true,”

As you’ve been listening, your nose starts to itch madly, warning you that you really have to sneeze. You try everything, from pinching your nose to holding your breath. All of a sudden, you can’t hold it any longer and, you sneeze, and it isn’t just a tiny sneeze. It’s one that the entire cave system can hear, bouncing off the walls and echoing back to you. The talking inside cuts off abruptly. You hear feet marching toward the door and then a huge dragon looms in front of you. She’s black with silver scales scattered across her body.

“What is it, Phoenix?” asks Glacier.

“It appears that you and Greatness were right, the human’s right here.” 

The dragons all start talking at once.

“What did it hear?”

“We should put it in prison.”

“What is it doing out?”

Then Glacier’s voice above all the others, “Just put it in prison.”

Then both he and Phoenix grab one of your arms and carry you off.

Sad to say, you didn’t survive that prison. You always wondered what happened to Cassandra.

The End

Oh no! Not exactly the ending we were hoping for but well done, Jael, on writing this adventure! Next week we get to explore Haylee’s adventure. I’ll introduce her on Tuesday =)

Until then, blessings,



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  1. Hi, this is Jael, I just wanted to say thank you to all those that voted or read my story. I hope you enjoy the rest!!

  2. Id say a bit of truth, and a bit of caution should be used. Dragons are tricky creatures until you can see their true soul.

  3. This is a tough choice. Sometimes it is better to not revile everything until until you know more. However, the truth will set you free. I say tell the dragons the truth, who knows they may help.
    A. Truth

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