Going Forward

November marked two years for Adventure Awaits You. My brain’s still doing a ‘wait, what?!’ I’ve no idea where those two years went.

Anniversaries kind of require a hind’s sight 20/20 review. At least, that’s how it seems. Like an unwritten rule somewhere.

Looking back, I wonder who took over my brain. I was terrified to share my writing, so may as well leave the gate running, right? I got the idea of adventure stories and started writing out all the choices before they posted (that’s 15 possible posts at about 500 words each).

Then I had the brilliant idea that I needed a week in between adventures for writing them. Sounds perfect, right? Except, every blog-advice-thing I could find said the more I posted the better. So I decided to fill the in between weeks with short stories…that added another 1,000-3,000 words.

Yup, somebody took over my brain and then vacated just as suddenly at about the year mark. I woke up one day to realize I was running at breakneck speed without an end in sight toward no actual goal.

I was writing, producing stories, but the longer stories I desired to write fell by the wayside somewhere in the chaos. With them went my passion. The adventures that started out being so fun became the goblins chortling in my mind telling me I needed to write more.


All this rambling to say the past two years have been a wild adventure but it’s time to rework the system.

I can’t stop writing the adventure stories. Perhaps it’s stubbornness (or insanity), but I truly do enjoy testing my brain coming up with all the different endings. You’ll probably not notice the behind the scenes difference but I’m shifting from writing everything out to simply outlining until I know the direction each adventure takes.

As for the short stories. Yeah, those are taking a hike for a while so I can edit Dryad.

This is my goal. Over the next year I’d like to get Dryad ready for publishing. Traditional or self-publishing I haven’t decided but it’s time to make this blog only one part of my writing, not the only writing I do. Oh, and I might look at self-publishing the adventure stories. What do you think?

So for now, thank you to everyone who participates in the adventures! You totally make them worth the time. I’ll see you next week.



12 thoughts on “Going Forward”

  1. Congratulations on two years of blogging! It’s been a joy to read your stories, and I agree that you should definitely consider publishing your adventures! I hope you’ll also consider publishing Beauty someday; of all your stories, that one’s my favorite. Good luck with Dryad, and all the rest of your writing endeavors! 😉

    1. Thanks, J.C.=) I’ve thought about publishing a book of short stories…but I was considering lengthening Beauty to a full novel. So many aspirations! Everyone’s encouragement is definitely spurring me to get on it and make some things happen=)

  2. I’m so excited you’re persuing publishing Dryad! Good luck with edits. You go, girl!!
    Also, I love the idea of pubbing adventure stories. It’s a lost art! And you’re SO brilliant at it!
    I just realized how exclamation point heavy my comment is, but I’m truly excited for you. 🙂 oh and congrats on 2 years! Wow!

  3. Congratulations on 2 years, and good luck with Dryad! And, yes, please do publish your adventure stories! It’s so hard to find good choose your own adventure stories and I’ve really enjoyed yours.

  4. It’s been great fun! If you want a hand/second set of eyes for anything, feel free to ask (I’ve only self-published once, but I might remember something useful!)

  5. It’s your gifting, so, write. You know Who not to neglect and will give you direction. Pursue your passion with all you’ve got.

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