It Comes In Buckets?

Who knew?!

But unlike beer coming in pints, life’s complications do not make me want to jump up from the table to get more.

All whining and complaining aside, let me lay out what’s up in a nut shell so it’ll become clear why there’ll be another couple weeks of silence on Adventure Awaits You.

Sleep and Deprivation were beaten away with a stick and a twenty hour drive in a moving van from Colorado to Washington. I’m still trying to figure out how a dog, two cats, my husband and I all made it safe in the cab with only a few scratches to show for the chaos. Let’s just say my husband now calls one of the cats “The Devil Kitty.”

Anyway, due to a communication snafu with the housing company, we found out last minute the house we were moving to isn’t available until the beginning of June…Ummm. Snafugit!

Moving on, partly due to Nate and I wanting to be near his new job and partly because it’s hard to find housing with three pets, we decided to wait for the house.

Hello temporary housing…with spotty internet. My frustration level just checking email tends to sit near the red. It’s amazing and a little sad how reliant I’ve become on reliable internet. It’s like phones now a days, where you just assume it’s going to be there.

Rest assured, once we’re in permanent housing, the adventure will return. Muhahaha!

But for now I’m on stollen internet time. Shh. Don’t tell. I’ll sneak in when I can but if the internet Guru doesn’t allow it, please have an amazing May.



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