The Big Rocks

Ever read something that made you sit back and think, ‘wow, I need to think on this one’?

Awhile ago my sister sent me a blog link that made me think this. The blog uses this story to make its point:

“…a professor who held up a jar of rocks to his class.  He asked them, is this jar full?  They all agreed that it was.  Then he took a bag of small pebbles and poured it into the jar.  The pebbles filled in the space around the jar and he asked, now is it full?  Everyone again said yes.  He then took a bag of sand and poured it into the jar.  The sand filtered through the rocks and pebbles until all the space was filled.  What about now, he asked, do you think it is full?  For the third time the class said yes.  Finally he took a pitcher of water and poured the water into the jar until it was all the way to the brim and began spilling over the top.  Now, he said, we can say the jar is really full.  He then asked his class an important question:  Do you think, he said, if I had started with the water, then the sand, and then the pebbles, there would still be room for the rocks?

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Since reading this story, I’ve tried to keep in mind the rocks, the things in life that really matter and must come before everything else. My faith, my family and so on.

Recently there’s a lot of change happening in my family life. So, keeping in mind the rocks, I’m going to take this holiday season to focus on the precious time I have with my family.

What does that mean for the blog? It means I’ll be taking a short break until the beginning of January. And then I’ll be back with adventures and stories to start off 2014 with some fun=)

So until then, I challenge you to figure out your rocks and focus on them as the year ends.


My husband, Nate, and I.


8 thoughts on “The Big Rocks”

  1. I’m doing the same thing. Probably. At least I’m going to try. Good on you. Seems like a good time to do that. Love the photo of you and the hubs. Hope you and your family have a beautiful holiday season. 🙂

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