Grandma’s Punishment

So Midnight Abyss and the amazing group I’ve gotten to work with continue to challenge me in my writing. We have a tumblr page and for November we decided to write short flash pieces. Short fiction has never been my forte, so flash fiction’s an even greater challenge. The odd part about trying to write these pieces is I’ve found I love it. It forces me to be concise when I’ve always been a wordy writer.

So without further wordiness… here’s Grandma’s Punishment. Hope you enjoy.

Her toes didn’t look right. She’d been watching them for the last five minutes and they’d taken on a greenish color.

Grandma said the candy would turn her into a green bug if she stole a piece while she wasn’t watching. Evelyn always tried to listen but the chocolate truffles were the best. They melted in her mouth.

She’d resisted for two whole minutes before she’d snuck not one, but two of the treats while Grandma’s back was turned.

“Sweety, bring me the flour please.”

Evelyn gulped and brought Grandma the bag of flour. Grandma looked down to take the bag and tisked.

“Really, you had to take two?”

Evelyn looked at her toes but that just reminded her they were green.

“Two turns you into a minnow. Grab a glass and fill it with water before you turn.”

Evelyn barely had the glass full and handed it off to Grandma when the change took over. Looking at Grandma’s big nose through the glass, Evelyn wondered how long she’d wait to change her back. Hopefully not a week this time.

Blessings and have a wonderful weekend.



8 thoughts on “Grandma’s Punishment

  1. J.C. Wolfe says:

    Cute story! I love flash fiction; it’s one of my favorite formats of writing! 😀

  2. leslierohman says:

    Somehow the title made me think grandma was gonna be punished not the other way around! Fun story!

  3. Great story! I think I would risk turning into something, too, if it means getting to eat chocolate.

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