Interview Swap!

MACover-DraftFinalOver the last couple weeks I’ve shared my excitement over working with others to self publish the short story collection Midnight Abyss. So many people have come along side the other authors and I to help us make this a reality. It’s blessed me beyond anything I could have imagined.

Today, Inion N. Mathair have added to that blessing. They’re running an interview over on their blog, Two Voices…One Thought.

Now here’s the cool part. On Monday, I get to repay that blessing a bit by interviewing Inion N. Mathair about their own short story collection, From the Dark and Twisted Mind of Inion N. Mathair.

These two ladies were one of the first to follow me when I started blogging and they were one of the first I followed. They’re an inspiration to me and it thrills me to have them as my first interview.

So if you have a chance, stop in to say hello to them today. And on Monday, be sure to stop by to find out more about their newest book.

Blessings and have an amazing weekend,


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