Meet Raymond Tobaygo (1 day before book launch!)

MACover-DraftFinalYay, this is the last day before Midnight Abyss comes out! By now, you’re probably tired of hearing about it=) but bear with me a bit longer so I can introduce Raymond Tobaygo, who’s kind of a hero to me because for a good portion of the time we’ve been working on the book, Ray’s been sick, but he’s still put forth the effort to be a part of the collaboration. It’s a wonderful witness to me of someone doing what they love without excuses.

So here’s Ray:

Raymond Tobaygo’s favorite genres are science fiction, science fantasy, fantasy and horror. His favorite authors rayare Bear, Bradbury, Bova, Clancey, Koontz and Herbert. He is an active member of the Writer’s Carnival, writing workshop community. He also belongs to Writer’s Digest and Fanstory. Raymond is sixty-six years old, and is a former teacher with a Masters degree in education and psychology.

Raymond’s story is titled Aldrich.

Short Clip from Aldrich:

Confusion overrode fear as Bladwin, Tomkins and Bromartin moved toward the noise’s source. Torches waist high, they came upon small piles of black sulfur powder and several large circular prints, but nothing more. They returned to the other men and told of what they had found.
“If it bleeds sulfur, we can kill it,” Bromartin said…


‘Aldrich’ is a fusion of fantasy and horror. It’s a tale of honor-bound men battling a terrible threat.

-This story has a nice mix of history, including some details from the crusades and the blessings from the church, and fantastical elements to intrigue the mind=)



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