Meet Matthew X. Gomez (3 days before book launch)

MACover-DraftFinalWelcome to Monday. Today, 3 days before Midnight Abyss, I’d like to introduce to you Matthew X. Gomez. Matthew tends to write fantasy like I do but, in my opinion, is much better at his fight scenes. Maybe because he knows how to fence. Who knows.

So here’s Matthew:

Matthew was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, though he knew inexplicably finds himself much Matt headshotfurther south than he ever anticipated. Now he lives in Columbia, Maryland (not far from the pit of despair that is Washington, DC), with his wife, two children, and two cats.

He’s been writing for forever, getting his real start writing for a number of student run publications in high school and college. He has been previously published by Death Throes and Dark Futures. His work can frequently be encountered at

He possesses a number of esoteric skills, not the least being fencing and historic swordplay, which, if he weren’t a writer, would be pretty useless.

Matt hopes to have an anthology of his own short stories out in 2014.

One of Matt’s pieces is titled Comes a Slayer.

To give you a taste:

“You are a slayer?” he asked, speaking the ancient language of the dragons. “Come to slay the dragon, man-meat?” he asked this time in the language common to the area, though his accent was strange. As he stepped closer, I saw the red scales covering his arms, legs, chest and neck, saw where his hands ended in black talons. “Could be I have,” I replied, in dragon.


Out in the hinterlands, far from civilization, a dragon has awoken, ravaging the countryside. A man, not quite a hero, has traveled far to kill it, though not for the reason you might think.

-So we even have a dragon in Midnight Abyss=)



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