Oops, My Count’s Off…(4 days before book launch)

MACover-DraftFinalSo, when I started this countdown, my intention was to introduce the other authors of Midnight Abyss. I simply ran with the thought that there are nine authors…it didn’t even cross my mind that the nine included myself. So on this beautiful Sunday, I’ll put myself in here to keep the count right but I’ll keep it brief=)

Most of you know a bit about me already. For those of you who don’t, here’s a short bio:

My full name’s Jennifer M. Zeiger. I’ve wanted to write novels since the seventh grade. Why then? Because that’s when I finally figured out reading DSC_0098and stopped having to guess on my tests. I found a world of magic in books. So although I’ve worked in retail, candy making, rock
climbing…really my true passion lies in writing.

I live in the beautiful state of Colorado with my husband, dog and two cats. I graduated with my Bachelors in English in 2008 with minors in Accounting and Recreation. (Gotta have a mix of everything, right? It helps the writing.) For inspiration, I love to read John Flanagan, Brent Weeks, Anne Mccaffrey, Cassandra Clare, and Brandon Sanderson. Fantasy with a little scifi mixed in=)

One of the stories I wrote for Midnight Abyss is titled Orbs.

Short clip:

Miro screamed and screamed. They hadn’t finished tying the rope off. His weight tore it loose, and it flapped behind him like some mindless tail. Snatching at Miro’s feet, Shira pulled him against her chest and gave her wings a flap. It slowed their fall but the combined weight ripped tendons. Shira sobbed as she attempted another flap. Something snapped in her back and fierce pain lanced into her spine.”


Shira’s world is falling apart, freezing every night to the point that the earth is breaking apart. The only thing capable of holding off the cold are the orbs the Fliers hold in their home but, when Shira’s friend asks for an orb to save his life, she must decide between her own people and the people dying of the cold.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend=)



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