Meet Shaun Adams, a Darkling of Midnight Abyss (6 days before book launch)

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Today I’d like to introduce to you Shaun Adams. As you might be gathering about now, there’re all sorts involved in writing and producing Midnight Abyss. It’s been a matter of organized chaos! But it’d made for a wonderful variety of stories in the book. Up to this point we’ve had some vampires and some zombies. Now Shaun adds some ghosts and necromancers to the mix=)

So here’s Shaun:

Shaun Adams lives and works on the Isle of Wight. He has turned his hand to different things over the years including a short stintKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA as a gravedigger.

Writing is his passion and he indulges it whenever time allows, which is not as often as he’d like. Shaun has self-published two short story collections and been published in several magazines both online and in print.

He is enjoying a prolonged second childhood before slipping gently into old age and absentmindedness.

He has had a love affair with reading his whole life. Horror, science fiction, fantasy and westerns all float his boat and provide him with inspiration for his own writing. Shaun’s future writing plans include another short story collection and a novella or two.

And to whet your appetite for some of Shaun’s writing here’s a short clip from his story, Strange Stars.

Short Clip:

Cameron stared at the ugly hole in Lily’s belly. The flow of blood from the ragged intrusion in her flesh had all but ceased and there was a smell. He looked closer. A feint almost ephemeral phosphorescent taint adhered to the wound site. He looked up and saw the vitality fading from the eyes of the woman he loved above all else.


There is no place like Bile County. It’s out of this world. A place of madmen killing and dying under ‘Strange Stars’. Cameron Rose has lost the one thing he loves more than anything since ending up there. How far will he go to get revenge?

This tale came to me after I had gall bladder surgery a year ago and began thinking about Bile County — too much free time and loads of pain and drugs.

-For those who like a  bit of fantasy with necromancers and such, be sure to check out Shaun’s story.



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