Meet Doug Langille (7 days before book launch)

MACover-DraftFinalOn day seven before Midnight Abyss I’d like to introduce Doug Langille. Doug’s thankfully talented in the technical stuff. Without him, I know I would have been completely lost with setting up the Goodreads account and such.

Here’s Doug’s bio:

Doug Langille is a husband, father and shameless technophile living the good life in Nova Scotia. He’s also a grandfather, birdDoug keeper, dog owner and cat butler.

By day, Doug fights the good fight working in I.T. at the Nova Scotia Community College. When asked to describe his work, he says: “I think stuff up and write it down”. He does other stuff too.

Doug has recently rediscovered his passion for writing, drawing inspiration from his favorite authors, including: Stephen King, Clive Barker, Jack Whyte, Philip K. Dick and Robert W. Service.

He doesn’t usually talk about himself in the third-person, but when he does he tends to bend the truth.

One of Doug’s stories is titled Eddie Zero.

Short Clip from Eddie Zero:

Guys like me never dream about nice things, only nightmares. Tonight wasn’t any different. In this Hell-trip of a brain-cramp, I was locked up again in a hospital being hunted by zombies with a teenage psycho chick as backup. Wait a minute. Shit. Not dreaming.

From the Author:

This story began life as a writing prompt and grew from there. I wrote it in 500-700 word installments to keep the foot on the accelerator. It was a lot of fun to get inside Eddie’s head. I like to think there’s a little bit of Eddie in each of us, both the good and the bad.

-For those of you who like zombies, I highly recommend Eddie Zero. I wouldn’t even mind if you skip forward in Midnight Abyss to read it first. It’s a great read.



8 thoughts on “Meet Doug Langille (7 days before book launch)”

  1. Great intro to Doug (And yesterday’s – yay nurses, and yay writers who write about vampires – WOOP!). They are both such talented writers, writing about my favorite things = the UNnormal! Can’t wait to read their pieces from the book….only one more week! yay!

    1. Before this book, I’d never actually read a full on zombie story. (Anisa’s blog is about zombies but I’ve yet to see one=) Watched many on TV, but never read one. Eddie Zero was a great introduction to reading such a story.

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