Meet Mastermind #2 of Midnight Abyss (8 days before book launch)

MACover-DraftFinalToday, the eighth day before Midnight Abyss becomes available, I’d like to introduce Kelleigh Elizabeth Perry. Between Anisa and Kelleigh, we have the two Masterminds of the project. These are the two ladies, as far as I’m aware, who really got the ball rolling on the book.

Kelleigh’s bio:

Kelleigh HeadshotKelleigh Elizabeth Perry is a full-time Registered Nurse at a Children’s Hospital by night and a writer of all things horrific and supernatural by day. She is also the co-founder, co-owner of Writer’s Carnival,, a successful, online community for writers. Her self-published work, Unique, won the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival, fan-fiction category. She has also won multiple, online writing contests. She currently lives outside of Seattle with her small army of bunnies, secretly dreaming that someday a handsome vampire will come along and turn her.

One of Kelleigh’s pieces is titled Queen of the Night. If you like Vampires, this one’s just the thing for you=)

Short Clip from Queen of the Night:

They are among the ugliest of supernatural beings, and all should be vanquished from the face of the earth. My family was growing, but it was not yet at the capacity to which it would need to be to destroy the werewolf line. Besides, I was having the time of my afterlife adding to my exquisite collection. Now these four threatened to break off a branch of the family tree. Over my undead body!


After finding the most beloved of her sired vampire family in the streets, under a full moon, waiting for a fight, it is all she can do to stand idly by and hope her boys aren’t killed by the opposing werewolves. Shocked to find those involved in the tussle, she watches from afar as the battle ensues.

Inspired by a contest writing prompt, Queen of the Night is still one of my favorite stories. Any chance I can get to write about my beloved bloodsuckers is time well spent in my opinion.

-So if you’re looking for a vampire story on Halloween, be sure to take a look at this one.



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