The Crazies of Midnight Abyss

The Plan

Last week I introduced to you people who’ve been very supportive this last year in the blogging community.

MACover-DraftFinalThis week…and the next, I’d like to introduce, as a countdown to Midnight Abyss’ launch, the other eight amazing authors of the book. I’ll even put in a bit of each person’s writing to whet your reading appetites.

As many of you know, I’ve never met these people beyond the internet, which kind of blows my mind, but we’ve been brought together by our passion for writing. And somehow, we’ve worked together to produce a book I’m absolutely thrilled with. Considering all the possibilities for discontent with a collaboration like this, it’s been a wonderful experience.

So to start off the the countdown of introducing the crazies, here’s how we all met:

It all started in a bar one stormy night in a lonesome October. Greg and Shaun were comparing battle wounds and old exes while nursing watery beer. They had their blurry eyes set on the pair of off-duty Walmart vixens. Kelleigh and Anisa played at a demure ignorance from across the stale smoke-filled room. Reconsidering their chances, the ladies summoned them over with a bottle of rum and cheap cigars.

Standing was a struggle for the boys, and it took a few moments for the world to right itself. With a shot of courage, they made their play.

Suddenly, there was a thwap-whump-whump of the saloon doors as Matt strode in. “Is he here?” he asked, furious and crazed. The scimitar he brandished was soiled with dried blood.

“Who the hell are you looking for?” grumbled Jennifer from underneath her dusty felt hat. She placed her six-shooter on the table with a deliberateness that only the foolish would fail to heed.

“Me,” said Doug from behind the bar. “The maggot is here for me.”

Everyone stared as he slowly finished wiping the last of the glasses, folded the cloth and reached for his trusty shotgun. It was show time.

There was a crash as a rent in the seedy joint’s roof opened up. A cloud of over-sized bats flew in followed by the monstrosity of a troll known as Ray. He landed squarely on the table, eager for a fight.

A bright blinding light came from below as Theresa rose from her crypt, her angelic fire sparking from fingertip to fingertip in anticipation.

The assembled group looked at each other and someone said:

“Let’s write a book.”

To be continued…


Not really, we all just met on Writers Carnival, the best writing community on Earth.

So stay tuned, for tomorrow I’ll introduce the first of the crazies of Midnight Abyss=)



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  1. Haha, love this! Sometimes fantasy is better than reality, isn’t it? Congrats to you all for Midnight Abyss! Looking forward to getting to know the authors behind it! 🙂

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