Life’s About Relationship

Ever wonder where you’ll be in a year? Ever make goals for the coming twelve months and lay out how you’re going to achieve those goals?

Personally, I was never that careful of a planner. Sure, I had a general idea of where I wanted to be later in life but I never sat down to chart out the course I was going to take to get there.

At least, I never did until this last year. I wanted to write and somewhere along the line my dad introduced me to Michael Hyatt’s Get Published course. In one of his podcasts, Michael spoke about goals just being dreams unless you’ve got deadlines on them. This really struck me, so I sat down and wrote out the next three months.

When those went by, I wrote out the next three and so on until a year had passed. Let me say, this method for reaching for one’s dreams really works. It helps build the motivation to achieve what you love.

However, the one thing I learned you can’t plan for is the relationships that get built along the way. I wasn’t prepared for how amazing people can be even though they’ve never met me except through blogging.

As many of you know by now, on October 31st, Midnight Abyss becomes available. This is part of my dream of being published. Midnight Abyss is a collection of short stories that has been a collaboration between eight others and myself.

I never would have gotten to this point without the kind generosity of the blogging community.  For this week, I’ll be directing your attention to some of the most supportive people I’ve run into. They’ve agreed to host interviews or short clips about the book and I’d like to give them all a shout out on the day they post. Without their wonderful kindness, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

So today starts us off with a woman who’s as creative as I am, if not more so. She loves writing and has a healthy sense of humor and sarcasm that makes it into her writing.

Meet Beth. She’s been an amazing support to me. Stop by and say hello to her if you have a moment. You can see her interview for Midnight Abyss on her blog, Writer B is Me.

Thank you, Beth.



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  1. That was incredibly sweet to say such nice things about me. *hugs* It was so fun and my true pleasure to do this!! Like I’ve told you umpteen times before, I couldn’t be more excited for you!!!! 🙂

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